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Dear Cosmic Community,

This week in my Facebook Live I intuitively began speaking about the importance of putting ourselves forward as ‘spiritual beings’ first and foremost over our normal, daily physical lives. Do you remember me speaking about it? If not, have another watch and listen

Living with a physical focus - devoid of the spiritual
Consider how our lives tend to be run on automatic pilot, decided by our physical needs and desires. We wake up in the morning, check our phone and the time, run into the shower, eat breakfast (if we get a chance) and get ready for the day ahead. Then, throughout the day we’re kept busy, running around doing things and tending to tasks and expectations. We watch the clock, eat unconsciously, try and fit in some time for ourselves and then return to bed at night, perhaps exhausted and unable to rest or sleep.
All of the above are physical acts, that neglect our spiritual truth.

Living with a spiritual focus, honouring the physical
Now, how often do we wake up slowly. Perhaps, chant or meditate to connect with source. Write down our dream messages from the night before and set our intentions for the day ahead. Stretch our body and mind. Take our time to prepare for the day. Oil and scrub our skin, burn incense, listen to beautiful music and let the fresh air in. Talk to soul and our guides and prepare a healthy breakfast before we go about our day.
All of the above are spiritual acts that also involve and honour the physical.

We are spiritual beings first and foremost. We are experiencing physicality through our human body and our human life…
— Elizabeth Peru

How often do you pause to consider that your spiritual life comes before your physical one?

What if you did? Can you imagine what life would be like, if we walked around and interacted with one another each day, ‘knowing’ that we are souls and that our physical life is a gift - here to teach us about the process of creation and destruction. Can you imagine the recognition we would have of one another, the bond, the elevation of life - and the wholeness we would feel!

For indeed, soul IS who we are. We are spirit emanating through the physical.



  • Meditate before you get out of bed. Place your hands over your heart. Close your eyes and chant OM three times. Feel the resonance inside your head and chest, as it elegantly connects these two centres of consciousness.

  • Speak to your spirit guides while taking a shower, daily walk or on the way to work. Say silently within, “Hello. How are you today?” Then continue a conversation. Ask for guidance and messages on any topic. Say, “Thank you”, when complete and then apply what you hear.

  • When you look at someone, see them. Look beyond their skin, with the energy in your heart and gaze into their eyes. Smile as you do so. The response, will be magnetising.

  • Recognise and treat ALL living beings as ‘soul’ - for indeed - they are.

  • Eat consciously. Consider food to be your therapy. Eat high vibration fruits and vegetables and see eating as an act of ‘reverence for the Earth’ and a spiritual practice to raise your energy.

  • Move your body each day - stretch and exercise, as a way to shift your energy levels.

  • Make decisions that are wise for all and take the bigger picture into account.

  • Speak to others (and all living beings) with respect, knowing that they are soul (like you) with immense knowledge and lifetimes of experiences. Hold this knowledge as you speak and notice how it elevates you both - as equals.

  • Follow the cosmic energy flow each day. Connect with the universal power source,

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