The Spiritual and Cosmic Reasons for The Current Global Unrest

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Dear Cosmic Community,
There’s virtually nowhere on the planet right now that’s untouched by some type of political, environmental and/or social protest and unrest. It’s being so palpably felt, that we’re all being impacted, no matter where we live. Now, you may be wondering why this has been happening and why in particular, the activity has been ramping up since June and especially since September 2019. You may also be wondering, what’s coming next?

Indeed, there is a deeper spiritual and even cosmic reasoning behind why so many thousands of souls are rallying in a wave of oneness that’s having a profound impact on Earth’s energy fabric.

There are deeper reasons (beyond the physical) for what’s occurring
and when you gain a grasp on them, you’ll understand why you’re experiencing what you are, how you can assimilate this knowledge and importantly what you can do in your own life to expand your consciousness. For indeed, we’re in the midst of a pivotal shift into a new energy decade and a new era for our planet…

The 5D Consciousness
Back in June 2019, the globe experienced a great energy shift. I wrote about this (in detail) in March and June in two special reports (Sealed Sections) of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

To give you a brief summary…as 2019 began, Earth was in a critical position in regards to its future. We’d been given so many opportunities to raise consciousness over 1,000’s of years, and while we have been making incredible headway, we were at a point where The Councils of Light needed to be convinced by The Angelic Realm to allow us to go on.

The Angelics work tirelessly with humanity to elevate our connection with the spiritual dimension so that we create a planet where souls live in peace and can be self-governing. Many souls were called upon to raise the vibration on this planet in early 2019. You may have been one of them. It wasn’t an easy period for many of us. Much negativity was stirred, as authenticity had to be revealed to make way for a new 5D energy template that The Councils of Light placed around Earth in mid-June of this year.


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Once this 5D template was in place around the planet (back in June) the great push for souls to start operating with 5D awareness (en masse) had begun. So, if you think back to June 2019 a huge wave of positivity swept the globe, especially as Jupiter was at its closest to Earth all year on June 10/11. We received a huge injection of light from the cosmos helping many thousands of souls to spontaneously wake-up and for those who were awakened (of all ages) to cycle up in conscious awareness.

What is The Shift to 5D?
To put it simply, our normal everyday 3D world isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Neither is your perception of duality. What IS now different is that souls can more easily access their spiritual reality (the fifth dimensional frequency).

This means that our awareness and knowing that we are spiritual beings (made of energy/light) in constant communication with the divine has been turned onto high. Not only are more people experiencing their life in 5D, trusting in the messages that they’re receiving from the cosmos (via soul’s intuition) but they’re also DOING something to apply and ACTION those messages. They’re taking their 5D ideas and making them real in 3D. We’re integrating our spiritual reality into our human life.

Earth’s Upgrade to a Higher Operating System
Now, indeed having conscious access to a 5D reality isn’t anything new. Souls have been connecting with the divine since the dawn of time, but they haven’t always fully trusted in that connection or that they could change the 3D world via their communication with the cosmos. There have been a scattering of connected souls like Pythagoras, Da Vinci, Tesla etc. who did know that they were connected. Just look at what they did. What IS different now (since June 2019) is that the spiritual dimenion is more accessible in our human life to more souls than it’s been in thousands of years. It’s like Earth has been given a massive system upgrade to a higher operating system.

July - August 2019
Following June’s entry of The 5D energy template around Earth, July brought in some exceptional cosmic events, which further served to ground us into a 5D working reality. It was one of the busiest energy months of the year with the eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Chiron retrograde, Saturn’s closest approach to Earth all year and on July 31/August 1 the first of three Super New Moons in a row,. This was a month where we expanded and many souls received a huge wake-up call. We reached a critical mass of awakened souls on Earth that created a domino like action, waking up those who had just completed a dark night of the soul.

Mass Wake-Up Calls - A World Taking Action
We cannot underestimate just how many souls have woken up and have had their blinders removed in regards to being conscious of the realities beyond the physical, since June/July. Many of these souls are involved in the undertaking of mass rallies and protests worldwide. Many of them are younger souls and the children (now young adults) of the souls of GENERATION X. I spoke about the importance of Generation X in our future in a blog earlier this year. Those born between the mid 60’s to mid-80’s are The Cosmic World Bridgers. When Generation X were teenagers (or children) the world also seemed in crisis (think ongoing threats of nuclear war, mass famine (Feed The World - Live Aid) and environmental disasters). They wanted to help, but the level of global communication between souls was so much less than it is today. Now ‘everyone’ is connected, thanks to the rise of the computer age. Souls are mobilised and future focused.

We’re also seeing many souls of Generation X and The Boomers (1940’s to 1960’s) join in the global uprising. These souls feel the solidarity with the youth and are ready to add their energy to the wave of change sweeping the globe.

Future Focused - World Action
When we first wake-up to our spiritual reality or if we haven’t yet gone to sleep (like so many of the young souls on this planet now rallied) one of the first things that we do is to take action. We want change, to improve our life and we know that we CAN make it happen. We feel empowered. And under the 5D template, it’s no longer only about ME, but it’s about WE - the spirit of oneness (unity within duality).

In October 2019 alone, there have been large (in many cases mass and consistent) protests happening in…
Hong Kong, The UK, Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Indonesia, France, Ecuador, Peru, The US, The Netherlands, Haiti, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Iraq (and the list goes on). No doubt where you live as well.

We’ve also seen the rise of XR (Extinction Rebellion) mobilizing hundreds of thousands of souls worldwide to act in small or large groups bringing disruption to most major cities around the globe, via in your face, societal awareness to Earth’s climate emergencies.

The current global unrest is an outcropping of 1,000’s of souls having a mass wake-up call. It is what Earth has needed and there’s a distinct future focus to it and a cosmic reason behind it. Souls are deeply concerned about the future and what’s happening to Earth and all sentient beings and they now know that their individual voice, energy and and actions carry great weight. Consciousness has risen.

Authority is being challenged when it does not provide for equality, peace and a conscious, sustainable future. Along with the rise in 5D consciousness, is our essential need to embody and exercise self-responsibility and self-governance. Have you seen this in your own life? Making empowered choices?

The Cosmic Energy of August, September & October 2019 - The Cosmic Kite & The Bigger Picture
Now, after July’s expansive energy, both August and September were heavier energy months that required huge amounts of resolve, particularly from seasoned spiritual seekers. Personal relationships were brought to the edge. Many souls departed the planet and others had to dig in deep and re-evaluate virtually everything. Can you relate? With two more Super New Moons and the entry of The Cosmic Rectangle planetary alignment in August, we were challenged each day to face all aspects of our life that were out of alignment with our personal authenticity.

The Cosmic Rectangle planetary alignment (imagine Earth in the centre of an energetic cosmic rectangle in our solar system, made by the intersecting energy lines of the outer planets) began in late August and continued throughout almost the entire month of September.

Schumann Spikes to 99Hz - Many Seasoned Spiritual Seekers Went Quiet
Then on Friday September 20, we had a massive spike in Earth’s heartbeat to 99Hz (base level is 7.83Hz) - The Schumann Resonance, on the same day as FridaysForFuture rallies happened across the globe. Just after this, right on Equinox (which was huge) we had a huge tumbling and truth reveal with the beginning of the impeachment inquiry in The US and the Brexit manouevres in The UK. Worldwide action ramped up after September 20 and many open and aware spiritually aligned souls, retreated to their home bases and quite spaces in order to hold the energy for the globe.

The Cosmic Kite and Global Future Focus
Then as October began, so too did the planetary alignment of The Cosmic Kite (imagine Earth in the centre of an energetic cosmic kite in our solar system, made by the intersecting energy lines of the outer planets). The Cosmic Kite asks us (just like a kite) to rise up and SEE the bigger picture forming. It’s influence in our life pushes us to have a conscious, far-reaching future focus, which is EXACTLY what the global unrest is all about. Our future as a planet. What’s happening on Earth right now is a direct outcropping of what’s happening cosmically. As above, so below…

What’s coming up? - The Global Wake-up Shake-Up
Continuing in October, November and December is The Cosmic Kite. Global unrest will not be dying down anytime soon. I like to call it the global wake-up shake-up, as that’s what it is on an energetic level. It’s about souls following their inner guidance (their 5D reality) and actually doing something about it - taking action.

We’re heading into a new energy decade (2020) and new energy era (The Aquarian age) where we’ll see greater advancement in 10 years than we have in the past 10,000 years.

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  • What you can do right now is to not panic, give up or lose your motivation for living an incredible life

  • The world hasn’t gone mad. It’s just woken up

  • This is what 5D integration into 3D looks like and that’s what we’ve wanted and worked towards, as conscious spiritual beings for thousands of years

  • Plan your future and follow your inner guidance each day. Do your best to not put down those who have just woken up or those who haven’t. Be understanding

  • Be authentic and use your unique talents to uplift yourself and in turn support those around you

  • Be consistent each day, focus and try not to jump from one thing to the next

  • MEDITATE every day and ask to communicate with the divine

  • Then ACT on the inner communication you receive - this IS 5D living

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Sending you my love and support in 5D, as you…experience your soul
Elizabeth x