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Dear Cosmic Community,

How are you feeling this week? Have you noticed a distinct shift in the way that you look and how your body is responding to stress? Perhaps you've been tight or tense? Or perhaps you've noticed that your connection to source and soul has been challenged?

Ever since The Total Solar Eclipse, we've been undergoing a total energy recalibration. Since the end of August we've also experienced six planetary bodies in retrograde, the largest fly by of an asteroid in 100 years, Neptune's closest approach to Earth all year and several X Class solar flares. In short, Earth has been inundated in high vibration charged cosmic radiation. Our energy bodies have been impacted and our dark (along with our light) has stirred and risen, much like the process of cleaning a pond...

Given this, many people have undergone great physical shifts. Here's how to know if your body is being re-calibrated and if so, congratulations...you're moving to the next level of your conscious evolution...

  • When you look in the mirror your face has changed. You don't recognise yourself.

  • Look deeply into your left eye. This is your spiritual eye. What is it saying to you?

  • You may be hearing sounds differently. It's like you're in a bubble, protected from harshness.

  • Your muscles could be tight. Stretching helps release energy and increase your flow.

  • Sleep is light on. Soul is WIDE awake and sending you messages each night.

  • Your voice could be deepening and with this comes tight or sore throats.

  • Your eyes may feel heavy or are hazing over. Allow natural sunlight to re-set your focus.

  • You could be drawn to be quiet and still. Allow your darker aspects to be expressed.

  • Listen to what soul is telling you. Aim for wholeness, integrating light and dark aspects of you.

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