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Dear Cosmic Community,
Last June, I wrote a blog post 5D Consciousness - Are We There Yet? You may remember it? I suggest that you go back in and have a read. In this blog post, I explained the dimensions from 3D to 5D and I broached the question of whether we were already living in 5D consciousness. Here’s some of what I said:

”When your awareness is operating in 5D, a lot of the 3D world becomes almost 'invisible' to you. You may literally not see other people, who are operating on a purely 3D level. The number of times I've literally walked right past people I know and have not 'seen' them is substantial. Likewise, these people might not see you either. It's why so many relationships shift and change once our awareness levels rise. You'll also find that what used to bother you about the 3D world becomes less of your focus, as instead, you are firmly focused on leading your best life so that you can uplift the planet and all those you come into contact with. It's like you're on a 'mission' when you operate from 5D. You're dedicated, self-responsible and ready to serve the whole“.

And so, I’m going into this subject again. It’s twelve months on from the last time I wrote about 5D and much has shifted, particularly the impending switch on of 5G (fifth generation wireless) and the fast approach of 2020 and the dawning of The Aquarian Age, which I also wrote a blog post about last June. You can read it here

5D consciousness (and beyond) is increasingly being reached…


The fifth dimensional frequency operates on Earth right now. You can access it and be aware of it by raising your consciousness. How do you do this? Well, there are many ways. Firstly, by physically cleansing and de-toxing your body. It can take many weeks or months to extract and transform lower level energy in your cells through a clean diet and fitness regime. Keep in mind that you need to keep living this new energy lifestyle moving forward to more easily access 5D consciousness. I’ve shared my personal cleansing and energy makeover tips in this video class

Once your physical body starts to feel and become lighter and spins faster, your frequency rises. This energy shift and acceleration of your body, automatically alters and lifts your mental and emotional states. You’ll begin to switch from a negative perspective on life to a positive one. Once this takes place, you’ll become aware of and very much interested in a higher awareness and a spiritual connection. You’ll look for meaning and depth within everything and your heart space will open wide (the soul chamber), allowing your upper level energy centres of the thymus, throat, third eye, crown and soul star to all - activate.

When this happens, you’ll be moving through life each day (for all intents and purposes) just the same as you did in your 3D normal waking awareness. However, you’ll be seeing and interacting with everything and everyone with a higher wisdom, discernment and knowing that you are a cosmic light being (experiencing humanity through the body and the role that you’ve chosen) and that you work in tandem with the universe, as the master of your reality.

You’ll be operating higher up in the electro-magnetic spectrum. Some people may not be able to see you anymore, because your energy wave lengths are moving too fast for them to comprehend. Ever had someone walk or bump into you, like they had no idea you were there? This is when we start to break away from places and people that no longer ‘resonate’ with us. This is when many relationships and family situations shift, as we move towards finding our higher-resonating group, our soul family here in Earth.

Now, this 5D state of awareness is available to everyone who does the work to attain it and keep on elevating once they have. It’s been said by the ancients that the ultimate purpose of life is to attain ‘enlightenment’. In my experience, moving yourself to the 5D level of awareness is part of that process.

Which brings us to 5G - a very different level of awareness. If you haven’t already heard about 5G, you soon will. 5G stands for ‘fifth generation wireless technology’. We currently operate our digital cellular networks on 4G (3G technology is also still in operation), but very soon many parts of the world will move to 5G and no matter where you live, you’ll be subject to its influence.

5G operates in the upper portion of the micro-wave bandwidth along the electro-magnetic spectrum of light. It’s in the non-ionizing wave length of the spectrum, meaning that it doesn’t alter DNA, by ionizing and destroying electrons in base molecules. It does however heat us up and affects skin. Very little research has been conducted on the effects of 5G technology on humans, animals, plants and the environment. Although we do know enough to know that it will increase the amount of EMF’S (electro-motive force) that we are subject to, which does affect our brainwave states So, when it’s turned on, we’re yet to find our what it will do to us all.

Indeed 5D technology will increase the radiation emitted from antennas installed to direct the energy wave and because 5G operates at the higher-frequency end of the micro-wave spectrum (30 to possibly 300GHz - that’s almost pushing into the wavelength of sunlight) transmitters need to be installed at much shorter intervals to effectively transfer the higher wavelengths. These are called ‘millimeter wave emissions’ and they have never before been pulsed out into public spaces before. 5G transmitters will be installed on telegraph poles right down your local streets at short intervals, as well as on nearly every building in our CBD’s) as the millimeter waves don’t travel well over long distances. This means that eventually most of us will have 5G exposure.

Media and authorities will tell you that 5G is being installed to make your mobile and Internet connections move much faster, yet really it’s being installed for ‘data sharing’ and so that machines (AI) and the internet of things can all talk to one another. It’s happening for the AI, not humanity, as well as the decrease in privacy and unprecedented capture of our personal information that governments will have access to.

Now, I find it interesting that just as more and more of us are opening up, asking questions, thinking for ourselves, connecting with cosmic energy and rising in 5D consciousness, that 5G is introduced. What does it mean? Well, I always like to take a higher view approach to life and everything that happens to us. For when 5G is introduced, we’re all going to be hearing the term ‘high-frequency’ way more. For 5G operates in the high-frequency range of the microwave spectrum.

I have some definite ideas on how we can align ourselves and help ourselves, so that we have the minimal interference by the 5G technology about to impact the globe.

Consider that the wave lengths way ABOVE microwaves are the ionizing areas of the spectrum of light (think nuclear). These exist above the infrared and visible spectrum of light. When we get to the ionizing part of the electro-magnetic spectrum these wave lengths do alter DNA - meaning that when exposed to them, they alter our structure, on a deep-cellular level.

These are the ultra-violet wave lengths, x-rays and cosmic/gamma rays. Now most of us are never directly exposed to such high-frequency levels of radiation on the physical level. However, when we expand our consciousness to a high-frequency, we do have access to such high levels of light - energetically.

You may have heard of many holistic healing therapies focused upon activating further strands of our DNA - 12 strand DNA I’ve often associated this with activating deeper states of consciousness in a physically safe way, through meditation and lifestyle shifts. Recently, I wrote a blog post about The Schumann Resonance and our rise in global consciousness. This is Earth’s resonant heartbeat and it has been rising incredibly since 2014. And because it’s directly affecting our alpha brainwave state, our minds - our data processing speeds have also accelerated since 2014. Read the blog post for all the details.

The Schumann Resonance also activates the gamma brain wave state, which connects us knowingly to cosmic consciousness. Now, here’s a point. All of this higher vibration (5D and beyond) can make you feel so ungrounded (in your 3D body) that you find it hard to operate in the everyday. So, why take yourself there if you can’t operate here efficiently? Well, what if you could take your mind ‘higher’ to the cosmic level and still be grounded, not losing any of your awareness? You can and the answer is with your…heart.

Our heart is the greatest gateway to grounding and exercising a responsible rise in frequency. Indeed the ancients knew that the heart is the container of soul essence in our human body - and soul is you. Soul is such concentrated light, that each of us could create our own mini-big bang with who we are, and we often do.

The heart ‘thinks’ on a different wave length to the brain. It is the first organ to develop in our body, as soul enters in the womb. It’s soul, within the heart, which keeps us alive in this human life. When we think and open our heart’s energy, we lead with soul and this in turn activates our brain to follow suit.

When we can expand our heart we will rise higher and move deeper (all at once) into the human experience, accessing a wisdom that masters of spirituality have accessed through eons of time.

So, how…..?

There’s a decision to be made. Do you make the time and put in the effort to slow down your life to practice and implement awareness of your spiritual origins and reality? And from this, begin to harness your electro-magnetic power? Indeed meditation is one of the easiest gateway tools to access this.

I suggest that WE MUST. To rise above, expand our heart’s field and become conscious on the cosmic level, both giving and receiving high-vibration light from our body, will keep us operating outside of the 5G realm. It keeps us above it and not consumed by it. And to me, this is a powerful answer in how we may counteract any harmful effects that are about to flood the globe.

Raising consciousness can and (I would say should) be your true focus in life. Each of us will approach it differently and all roads lead to the same source.

Do let me know how you resonate with this POST and what else you would like to learn about this vital subject. PASS it onto your cosmic friends, using the social share buttons below.

Elizabeth x

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