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Dear Cosmic Community,
There’s a movement happening on Earth (particularly beginning in June 2019) as we head into The New Earth frequencies. This is a movement that’s creating a heightened awareness (in particular) of our environment and the importance of being responsible for the energy IN our environment. Perhaps you’re one of the many people who have recently reached out to me, asking how they can improve the vibration in their home and living space? Or, even find a new high-vibration place in which to live?

If you’ve been pondering this very idea, then follow on. For, I’m about to discuss how you can not only create a high-vibration living space, but also how YOU can be the highest vibration frequency in your life.


What is High Vibration?
Let’s begin by quantifying what high vibration is? And to do this, we’ll look at what energy is. In chapter 1 (Energy & You) of my book Cosmic Messengers, I say that…

“Energy is an invisible pulse, an almost untouchable and yet tangible force that is the source and also carrier of our thoughts, ideas, dreams and actions. Energy whilst still at its centre, produces a wave of moving desire, a wave that we can tune into and flow with, as and when we choose. Just imagine that there’s an invisible life stream, an essence, which gives rise to all forms of life, whether they’re etheric, material or otherwise. Energy is the fuel, which powers our life and shapes to your desires.

Every cell in your body is born of energy. Soul is energy. Flesh is energy. Rocks are energy. Planets are energy. All is energy, simply pulsing, moving and being utilised at varying rates according to the will and makeup of the energy body. Therefore, your will, your desire, your inner most core, decides how you’ll utilise and interact with the very fabric that you’re made of.

Energy is both cosmic (or universal) and internal in nature, meaning that it originates from the source of all being and is unlimited in its scope and application. Once you start to become aware of the energy that is available to you, all manner of desires can be achieved easily, as you work with the current and upcoming energetic ebbs and flows”.

Now, energy is in a constant state of motion and because you are made of energy (as a soul and physical being) you too are moving at the cellular, atomic, subatomic and quantum level. It’s the rate at which energy moves that we refer to as its vibration.

The more dense and heavier an energy is, the lower its vibration and the more open and lighter an energy is, the higher its vibration. We can measure the speed at which energy vibrates, by looking at its frequency.

Vibrational Frequency
The frequency of a vibration is measured in hertz (Hz). Frequency refers to the number of wave lengths vibrating in the same direction per unit of time. So, you may have heard of vibrational frequency? This is the rate at which molecules are moving. When our body is light and of high vibration, we have greater clarity and strength in our physical body, as well as our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which are energetic in nature.

The Schumann Resonance
Perhaps you’ve also heard of Earth’s resonant vibrational frequency, which is 7.83Hz? I wrote about it in a recent blog post and I report on and predict how it will shift each week (The Schumann Shifts) in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Earth’s vibration is constantly shifting, as it’s being affected by changes in frequency of cosmic energy infiltrating Earth’s surface. Plus, it’s also affected by the myriad of human beings now raising their consciousness on Earth and literally increasing the resonant (base level) frequency from 7.83Hz – to more like an average of between 20-40Hz each day.  

Your Energy
Now, that we have an understanding of energy and vibration, let’s look at ways that your energy and vibration affects your home and living space. Would you say that you’re a high vibration person or someone of a lower vibration? Indeed, our vibratory rate can and does shift and change from day to day (sometimes hour to hour) in alignment with the cosmic energy, the energy of all other sentient beings, EMF frequencies pounding Earth and Earth’s energy, all interacting with one another. We’re in a constant state of movement. Indeed, there are ways to keep your energy high. And why would you want to do this?

Here some of the reasons why being in high-vibration is good for your health and total well-being…

  • You’ll feel more capable, as self-doubt diminishes

  • A sense of optimism and motivation increases

  • Your physical body has less pain, with greater robustness, flexibility and vitality

  • Your manifestation abilities increase. As you think, so it becomes – quickly

  • Your compassion and empathy increases substantially

  • Your relationships deepen and love becomes your resonant wavelength

  • Your joy of life sky rockets, along with your ability to easily connect with spirit

  • Your empathic and psychic skills multiply, as does your trust in your intuition

  • Your physical and non-physical senses increase. You’re a conductor for good

As you can see, there are considerable, valuable reasons why being high-vibration brings great peace, energy and reward to your life and path. So, how do we become high vibration and how can we create and sustain that energy in our homes and living space?

Creating High Vibration
First and foremost, take a moment to acknowledge that the energy which you carry and emit IS the greatest influence on your home and living space. Each of us is responsible for our level of vibration.

Here are some practical and easily applied ways to increase the vibration on all levels of your being. Remember, that you need to take the effort to do the work in implementing and self-generating a high-vibrational state of being:

  • Look after your physical body. Eat and drink high vibration foods and liquids

  • Home grown or organic (pesticide free if possible) fresh vegetables and fruits give you the highest vibration (non-processed) foods possible. What you ingest directly affects the vibration that you carry

  • Likewise, consider that all of the products that you put onto your skin, body and in your home and living space, affects your vibration. Go for non-toxic, cruelty free as much as possible. Ingesting and using animal products can lower your vibration given the way animals are murdered in our present-day society – with fear and pain in their cells – directly transferring it to you

  • Wearing high vibration stones or fabrics, naturally sourced -  will raise your body’s energy frequency. Your energy field will strengthen

  • Meditation instantly connects you with your spiritual source, creating high vibration

  • Watch your verbiage – the words and language that you use. Are you being progressive or regressive? Take more effort to find uplifting descriptions to use in your daily conversations. Praise others and feel that goodness rise in you too

  • Choose to surround yourself in media that makes you feel good. Turn off what doesn’t. You’ll still stay informed of what’s happening in the world. Trust me on this. You’ll simply block out 99% of the noise, which lowers your frequency. Plus, you’ll be stronger to take action and lead from your high-vibration stance

  • Choose to interact with people who respect you and your choices. Likewise, do the same with others. We can have different opinions and most-likely will, it’s the respect that creates high-vibration and equality between us

Your High Vibration Home & Living Space
As soon as you’re creating your own high-vibration frequency, your energy field (which, when fully turned on extends some 50 feet (15 metres) all around your body) – immediately and palpably lifts the vibration in your home and living space. Have you ever been around someone or entered their home and you’ve instantly felt good? Perhaps, you’ve said, “Wow I love your energy” or “I love the energy in your home”. That good vibration is real and is what generates the love and healing flow within your personal space.

Here are some of my top suggestions for raising the vibration in your home and living space:

  • Bring the outdoors in. Bring nature to where you live. Open the windows regularly to get airflow moving

  • Indoor plants can thrive from your energy and vice versa. Some of the best indoor plants for raising vibration are: Aloe Vera (also an ancient plant of spiritual protection), Spider Plants (they literally grow on air), Snake Plants, Rubber Plants, Peace Lily, Rosemary, Lavender, Palms, Money Plants (almost any succulent actually – I love them all)

  • Plus, bring plants into your garden or balcony. Herbs make wonderful energy lifters and have the double impact of smelling amazing and can be used in your fresh salads

  • Clean your home well, at least once a week. Objects that never move keep the energy stuck and in low vibration – as does a build-up of dirt. Try and keep your home neat, rather than messy. The state of the interiors and exteriors of the home, will impact your mental and emotional state of being and overall health

  • Consider investing in some salt lamps. I’ve been using them for years in my home. Salt is known to neutralise excess positive ionic charge in the air (which is given off by all of the electronics we use these days). Too many positive ions can make us feel ungrounded and headachy - think what happens when we have a solar flare impacting Earth’s electromagnetic field. Even placing bowls of salt around your house, will do the same job

  • If you’re an energy healer, send Reiki or similar energy into your home

  • Likewise, regularly do an energy cleanse with music and or smudging/sageing

  • I bring large pieces of quartz crystal into my living space – to AMPLIFY my energy. I’ve done so for many years now. Having minerals in your home, around the spaces where you sleep and/or work and spend a lot of time, naturally increase the vibration

  • Consider de-cluttering. Remove and give away objects that contain energy and memories that you no longer wish to absorb, as you create more open space

  • Play music in your home that you love and that resonates with your soul

  • I like to use a vaporiser/diffuser every day in my home. I place my favourite essential oils into the water, to infuse the air that I breathe with the high-vibration of essential oils that I love and resonate with

  • Place objects in your home that reflect who YOU are. So, that you receive peace, camaraderie and love when you look at them and connect with them

High-Vibe Places on The Planet
Perhaps, you’re restless where you live or you just know that it’s time to move? Or perhaps, you’re planning a move, sometime in the future? Indeed, a move of home, state or even country can bring in a whole new level of awareness. Remember, (however) that wherever you go – you take YOU with you. Your vibration is key…

Here are some of my suggestions of what to look for in a high-vibration living space on Earth:

  • Look for somewhere that has an abundance of nature and wildlife

  • Consider having space around you. This gives you the ability to know yourself deeply and rest your mind, without being cluttered with the potentially conflicting thoughts of thousands of others

  • Look for countries and cities that are less polluted and are still in touch with nature

  • Consider towns that have an abundance of natural resources to tap into. See if they hold local produce markets and if food is grown locally

  • Look for a space that has a rich indigenous culture. Research the energy of the land and people and see if it resonates with you

  • Look into the spiritual energy of the land and see if there are any ley line or ancient power points on the land that would amplify your frequency

  • Most of all, go with YOUR intuition. Soul leads us where we need to be for our highest good. When we trust in this call, we heal lifetimes and create the space for high-vibration to flow

I understand that not everyone may have the option of living in their ideal Earth space. However, as you’ve seen, there are many practical steps that you can implement today, to shift your vibration, wherever you are.

I trust that this blog post has given you some clarity and inspiration about the importance of high vibration living. From June 2019, a New Earth energy template arrives and high-vibe and high-frequency will become catch phrases that literally become everyday terms in our society.


Let me know in comments what your high-vibration practices are. And, if you’ve moved some where high-vibe on the planet, share where this is and why you love it so much!

Throughout June, I’m preparing us every day for this New Earth frequency, as I discuss what it is, why it’s here and I detail how to work with it in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast…

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Elizabeth x

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