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Dear Cosmic Community,

Have you ever heard the story of how I began understanding the impact that cosmic energy has on our lives? I'd like to share it with you now, so that (like me) you too can grasp the wonder and magic that working with nature's cycles can bring to our lives.

I'm a seeker and a deep contemplator, who's naturally introverted, even though I can be 'out there' and extroverted when required. I've always been a seeker. I think it helps in the world of spirit when you like to go in deep. It helps to more readily uncover what can often seem like the hidden mysteries of life. 

Back in the late 90's I was questioning my life and what I was here for.  I wanted to be on purpose with a passion, even though I wasn't sure what that purpose was. I would read the classics by Buddhist Teachers and old Greek and Egyptian scholars. I wanted to reach a pure and ancient source of spiritual knowledge and decided that going back in time would help with this. This search over several years, then led me to start leaving my body (consciously) at night. I was having spontaneous OBE'S (out of body experiences) even though at the time I didn't know quite what was happening to me.

A Cosmic Experience
It was whilst out of my body consciously that I began to experience (first hand) that I'm a soul, who is still 'me' without a physical body around 'me'. This changed everything for me. Whilst out of my body, I was at one with the cosmos and I began to understand what cosmic energy is. I realised that our true nature is cosmic - that we are energetic beings who create what we desire via mind with the focus of our will.

The Cosmic Cycles - Nature's Patterns
So in early 2000, after an impactful wake-up call on New Year's Eve 1999, I decided to physically start applying what I was experiencing on a non-physical level. I started following the movements of the planets and stars every day and not through classic astrology, but through coming up with my own interpretations of what energy and planetary influences meant. I would watch for how my moods would fluctuate with these movements. I also started observing what was happening to other people at the same time, to see if there was a common thread of experience between us.

For example, in the build up to a Full Moon I noticed that I would be energised, yet some people would be drained. Likewise, when the Moon was New those same people would be energised and I would be drained. I could see how our energy systems were tied in to planetary influences. I also saw how not only people, but animals well also affected by these patterns. I likened it to the same influences we feel with the ever changing weather patterns. Cosmic energy was the same...

So, I began an experiment with myself. I started writing my own energy forecasts. I decided that as planetary cycles repeat I could look ahead, plan and map out upcoming influences upon my life. I started looking at the week ahead and what was happening with the planets and I would write what to expect each day, how I would be influenced on an emotional, mental and spiritual level and then I started following my own advice. I also started sharing these cosmic energy reports at the regular meditation groups I was attending in the early 2000's and my friends loved it, resonated with it and gave me amazing feedback on how accurate the information was.

My Life Purpose Opened Up - Following Energy
I found that the more I became aware of how the prevailing available energy was helping me (whether having a positive or negative impact) that I could work with it to great advantage. On days when I knew I might be emotional, I would plan for quieter, more introspective activities. Perhaps taking myself through a  past life meditation or releasing an issue I was working through of a personal nature.  On days when I knew the cosmic energy would be inspiring, I would plan to take a workshop, be creative, get physical or meditate and connect.

The more that I was consciously aware that I wasn't alone in this life and that a great force of nature worked with me and through me (as a team) the more 'AHA' moments, signs and messages were coming to me. Which led me to discover that not everyone understood energy like I did. I took to these interpretations like a duck to water, as I'd always loved looking up at the stars and studying ancient knowledge. I began to see that I was good at interpreting energy patterns. I started to see that it was part of my purpose to teach about these patterns and to share my knowledge with the world. It felt like going back to something I already knew. It felt like I had come home.

At the time I was living a normal mainstream life, working in a corporate environment by day and teaching dancing at night. In the middle of all this, I discovered my soul and by applying consistent spiritual focus, the cross over to a full-time career as a Cosmic Guide and Spiritual Teacher (working for myself) was born.

Your Life - Being On Point
I credit following energy patterns as the reason behind my continued ability to stay fresh and on point with the ever-changing ebbs and flows of life - and for keeping me on purpose. I still follow my own Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast each day. I credit it for my success.

I know that being aware of cosmic cycles works. It helps us to make sense of our everyday life and gives us reasons for why we feel the way we do and why we do what we do. It also gives us an incredible window into how others feel, so that we can choose how to interact with one another.

Do you follow energy daily? Have you seen how it influences your life? I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment, pass this post on and add to our conversation x

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