JULY 2016: SPECIAL UPDATE: The World's Energy is Changing

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Below is Part I of my Special Update to The Tip-Off Forecast on July 2016: A New Energy Paradigm


My Dear Community,

This week I have written for you a special update to The Tip-Off Forecast. I have heard your call with many in our community being concerned at the very choppy and unusual paced energy July is presenting us with. To begin with, I wish to say that nothing is wrong right now and all is as it should be. So relax and open up to the positive shift upon us.

We are simply aligning with the cosmic flow that has been heavily influenced by the rare planetary Grand Cross that occurred in June. We had not experienced the likes of this energy since 2007 and its effect will be felt on many levels (globally) over the next eighteen months.
The first seven days of July have brought with them a new energy paradigm on Earth.

Have you noticed? We are truly starting to see BALANCE in motion. As soon as you think you are going in one direction, something comes in to shift you to another direction, and it's all happening constantly, throughout each day.

July is a month of integration and was always going to be this way, even when I forecasted the year ahead last December in The Tip-Off, I said that July would be one of the slower cosmic months of 2016. We have been through a huge planetary shift in June...

The key triggers for us all have been VALUE and SELF-WORTH and whenever we experience mass change on an energetic level, it takes a month or so for the physical to catch up and re-align with the new paradigm.

The Grand Cross of June, with the Sun and Venus being major players, asked that we stand our ground and truly rise up in honour of who we are as INDIVIDUALS.

Now that we are well into the first week of July, many people are feeling like they have been hit by a bus. Can you relate? Meaning we have been slowed right down after the very demanding daily pace of June. When this occurs your body has time to let go of tension and therefore, HEAL. And July is indeed a month of healing on every level of our being…emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

You could be waking up in the morning feeling more tired and sore than when you went to sleep. It’s as though our body has totally given up to the energy flow and is allowing the new vibration to filter down into our cells, attuning us to a more flexible and spontaneous way to live.

Therefore, in July you will be noticing that you are required to stay on your toes and let go of over-control.

Remember that 2016 is a Nine Universal Year for the planet (2+0+1+6=9) and we are wrapping up (as a collective) what we began back in 2008, which was a One Universal year for the planet (2+0+0+8=10 and 1+0 = 1).

All of life moves in nine-year cycles, just as ‘what goes around comes around’; we follow the circle of life. We are constantly evolving in an upward spiral of consciousness, like a circle on its side, moving through the experiences of life. And if you think of a circle starting at number one (being inception) and completing at number nine (being completion) with the circle itself representing zero or the potentiality of everything, you can better understand the life-cycle experiences we travel through each year.

2016 is a year that champions us letting go and completing the life cycle. It is an energy many of us have trouble accepting and putting into action, yet it is so good and important for our spiritual growth to trust more and worry less.

July’s new energy wave has us giving over to the universal flow more than any other month thus, far in 2016. Have you noticed?

Even if you think you have checked off all points on any matter, at the very last minute something can come in to totally change your direction.

Now the KEY IS to not become frustrated at LAST MINUTE CHANGES, for they can and most definitely will happen throughout July…

This has been Part I of my Special Update to The Tip-Off Forecast on July 2016: A New Energy Paradigm


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