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Dear Cosmic Community,

As November 2018 began, we entered a specific four-week window of heightened spiritual awakenings, a numerical portal that souls recognise instinctively. On an energetic level, all is numerical in our universe. Souls vibrate to numerical frequencies. All can be explained by numbers, the symbolic language that unites us and communicates to us on a deep and intrinsic level.

And when it comes to the number ‘11’, each of us has a personal relationship with this frequency, which invites us to transition from one room of life into another. Consider that every time you walk through a doorway, that the two pillars of the 1 and the 1 are on either side of that doorway. They ‘frame’ the door and are hence, the support of our transition from one space to the next, as we move from one room to the next.

Indeed, one could say that all of life is about our movement through doorways, through the number 11. Hence, when we see the number 11, we are internally excited to know that we are entering a new phase of life.

When we see any combination of 11, such as 1:11, 11:11, 1:01, 11:01 etc. we are reminded on a soul level, that we have an opportunity before us to transition into a new sphere - a new room of life.

November and 2018
In November each year we experience the 11 Master Month and in 2018 we’re also in the 11 Master Year (2+0+1+8=11) . That’s an intensified opportunity. The DOUBLE Doorway into higher levels of knowing…


Your opportunity to accelerate soul’s ascension
In November, souls intuitively can see past the illusion of physical life, directly into the spiritual being that they are. This happens automatically when we see the number eleven. Now, keep in mind that you’ll be ‘writing’ or looking at 11 nearly every day this month, given that November’s dates all include the 11.

The 11 in Doorways
You may notice an increased synchronicity of seeing 11:11 on your phone or on digital clocks and watches. Keep in mind as well, that every doorway you walk through is an 11. There is a post (a pillar) either side of each door (and most windows), forming the framework for you to cross over thresholds and enter new worlds. Every time you move room to room in your house or in any building (even through trees in nature), you engage the energy of 11. Do so with intention.

Look around you right now. Pause, reflect and allow this enormity to truly sink in…

IMPORTANT >> 3D Institutions - what they don’t want us to know
Now, the so-called ‘powers’ who like to think that they rule this world, know all of the above too. This is the highest levels of government and 3D (physical) institutions - banking etc. that we’re referring to.

They know that we have the potential for many thousands of souls to wake up and become more deeply aware in November, and hence we can potentially slip out of their control. All awake beings no longer allow themselves to be manipulated by such institutions. We instead, think and act for ourselves.

Which is why during November, the 11 Master Month, mainstream media will do its best to keep you distracted with stories about global crisis, all designed to keep you in fear.

Don’t buy into it. Rise above. Act in your best favour. Help us all this way and - See the TRUE bigger picture, as you automatically embrace your cosmic origins.

See 11:11 and move through to the new way of being and your enlightened soul…

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