The Schumann Resonance - Our Raising of Global Consciousness

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Dear Cosmic Community,
Living on planet Earth in the twenty first century, brings with it some exciting potentials for human evolution. For indeed, we have an ever-increasing number of awake and aware souls who are elevating their knowledge of who they are and why they’re here, in tandem with the cosmic cycles. You see, for as much as the cosmos and cosmic energy influences us here on Earth, we also influence the cosmos, as we are all one.

Humans have been aware of the symbiotic relationship (between us and the cosmos) since our beginnings. And hence, we have sought to correlate and explain Earth happenings with cosmic ones. One such correlating individual was physicist Winifried Schumann who with his Ph.D. student H. L. König (during 1952 - 1954) measured the resonant frequencies of Earth’s ionosphere - our global heart beat.

It was Schumann who theorised that Earth’s heart beat or aura, was in resonance with the human aura and also our ‘alpha’ brainwave state. All sentient beings who live upon the Earth resonate with Earth’s frequency, and also influence it, just as The Schumann Resonance influences us. Indeed, the rise in smart meters, CERN, 5G technologies and cell/mobile phones has greatly impacted upon Earth’s resonant tone. All energy, is rising


What today is known as, ‘The Schumann Resonance’ is the measurement of peaks in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum of Earth’s electromagnetic field (Earth’s aura). These resonances are measured by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The space (the energy field) between Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, acts as a wave guide, so energy shifts can be measured.

There are several measuring stations of The Schumann Resonance across the globe, with The Russian station being one of the only online. The Schumann Resonance base frequency is 7.83 Hz - which is the frequency of the human alpha brainwave state (our slightly meditative state). When the Schumann resonance spikes, so too do our brain waves. Over the past decade (and from June 2014, in particular) the resonance has been increasing, spiking regularly between 20 and 60+ Hz. The question of course, is, ‘Why is the resonance increasing?’ Is it because there are more lightning strikes occurring on Earth, or because Earth’s electro-magnetic field is weakening (in solar minimum), is it because of the huge rise in EMF’S from smart technology and/or is it something else?

Let’s consider Earth to be a giant brain wave entrainer. When Earth sounds, so do we. If Earth’s frequency increases, so does ours. Likewise, if many thousands of humans are in attunement, we in turn, can also affect Earth’s frequency. Just imagine what happens when we all meditate together. So, let’s look (a little deeper) at what this means for us and the future of our planet.

Over the past nearly twenty years, I’ve been reporting regularly on energy shifts and how the cosmos is influencing our life here on Earth. Indeed the ionosphere interacts directly with cosmic energy and this in turn impacts Earth and our resonant heartbeat. It also upshifts us as humans, who walk and live upon the Earth plane. All sentient beings are influenced by cosmic energy and in turn Earth energy, which is why with the increase in Schumann resonance (and decrease in Earth’s electro-magnetic field), we’ve seen many migratory birds nesting in new places and whales and dolphins getting off-track and losing their way.

Now, is this something to be concerned about or is it simply the physical manifestation of what has been happening on a spiritual level for many decades? Earth is morphing - vibrating at a higher frequency, as it moves into a higher-consciousness wave pattern - from 3D into 5D. And because brain wave states of all sentient beings are triggered by Earth’s resonance, we all shift - together. Earth’s frequency is rising, which means its particles are spinning faster, becoming lighter and that means, so are we.

Indeed, you would have noticed the vast increase in physical symptoms of this frequency shift in your own body. Some of these include increased headaches, accelerated thinking, restlessness, sore joints and bones, insomnia, high-vibration ear downloads, spiritual experiences, sore eyes, stomach upsets, dizziness, ungroundedness, spiritual flu, increased inspiration and divine connections, increased ET reportings and Earth changes - weather changes, volcanic eruptions, seismic activity etc.

I have a whole reference guide on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms of energy shifts and cosmic events in my book Cosmic Messengers

What I find particularly interesting is that an increase in Schumann Resonance also sparks the Gamma Brain wave state of 30 - 90 Hz. This is the state of consciousness, which attunes us directly with the cosmos and universal thought. When our cells are activated on the Gamma wavelength, we increase light in our body and flood our being with healing vibrations. We become cosmically connected.

You’ve heard me speak about how energy moves in waves, and that we experience highs and lows
What’s important to note, is that when the lows are here and The Schumann Resonance is back down to 10Hz or so, this is when you repair, can enter the deeper delta wave states and therefore, you can integrate the spikes in the higher gamma states. It’s our experience of the deeper states (also the heart’s resonance - soul’s resonance), that then ground us in the higher states of consciousness. This is why meditation is so helpful for bedding in these shifts from low to high frequency. We need to experience both, to ensure a safe leap and jump in consciousness.

As veils of forgetfulness continue to be shed due to this rising Earth frequency, it’s as though humanity is awakening from a deep, heavy slumber. The ensuing years will be interesting (and challenging for many), as we surf between ever-fluctuating resonant fields.

I suggest that you can employ some of the following practices to help assimilate the symptoms of higher consciousness, while your body beds in the new lighter frequencies…

  • shift to a plant-based (mostly raw) diet that encodes your cells with a higher frequency

  • exercise everyday to move your energy

  • drink more fresh and filtered water to carry the vibration more efficiently

  • be in nature regularly, shoes off, connecting with Earth’s heartbeat

  • bring plants, crystals, minerals, salt lamps, essential oils into your living space

  • focus on higher-mindedness and rise above petty arguments and dramas

  • receive regular massage and/or energy healings and bathe in sea salt

  • rest regularly and move to a high vibration location

  • meditate each day and thus, learn to entrain with the heart - a low frequency of less than 2Hz

  • connect with like-minded souls and live your life with awareness of your infinite nature

If you would like me to report weekly on The Schumann Shifts in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast please let me know in comments.

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Elizabeth x

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