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My Dear Friends,

I'm called to write this important Blog post as there are many doom and gloom merchants trolling around the Internet at present proclaiming September 23 as a global catastrophe.

It really gets to me when people who should know better pick a beautiful day like Equinox to incite fear into people.

I'm here to say that September 23 is simply Equinox, a day when we come to stillness and life comes back into balance. Equinox signifies the changing of seasons and with this a great release occurs for most of us.

Indeed this September is special from a cosmic standpoint in that there are many important and positive influences affecting us...

September is a power-packed month
This September brings with it some amazingly positive cosmic influences. We will be clearing out our closets both figuratively and literally thanks to the energy influencing us to let go of what no longer serves.

Yes it may challenge some people to become responsible for their life and not back down from what challenges them, but this is hardly doom and gloom. I urge you to rise to the occasion and prove your capability and worth. Your soul will love you for it...

Here's a quick overview of the line-up:

1/ The Sun is very active, with the largest flares now occurring since mid-July. I have noted over many years that right before the eclipse season begins, the Sun starts to get very active. This helps us wake-up and be alert to our opportunities.

2/ In two days we begin the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde. We are going over old ground and sorting out communication issues that have been bothering us.

3/ This weekend it's a Super Full Moon, the first of three in a row. We are releasing the past. This is huge. People are restless.

4/ We are in the lead-in to the eclipse season in September. We have a Partial Solar Eclipse and Total Lunar Eclipse on the way. Nothing to be worried about, a perfectly natural planetary alignment occurrence.

5/ Equinox is is on September 23 and this is what everyone seems to be going on about. Equinox happens every year in March and September. It is a time for coming to stillness and balancing out your life.

6/ Mercury Retrograde begins in September. We get three fabulous weeks to pass on and receive messages that at other times of the year are elusive to us.

7/ Venus & Pluto move direct - further positive energy.

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© Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves