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Below is Part I of my Special Update to The Tip-Off Forecast on Brexit, The US Elections and The Cosmic Influences.

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My Dear Community,

Hello and welcome my dear community! What a week of global change and upshifts we are seeing, feeling and experiencing on many levels at once. For some, this may come as a surprise, yet for others like myself, who have been teaching about the widespread implications of this YEAR OF COMPLETION since last year, it is simply the physical outcropping of the cosmic influences – the movements of the planets and stars tied into our life experiences here on Earth.

Back in 2015, I made it known to my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Community and to my social media community that 2016 would see us wrapping up very old business, business that we commenced back in 2008. For 2016 is a Nine Universal Year for the planet (2+0+1+6=9) and we are wrapping up (as a collective) what we began back in 2008, which was a One Universal year for the planet (2+0+0+8=10 and 1+0 = 1).

All of life moves in nine-year cycles
, just as ‘what goes around comes around’, we follow the circle of life. We are constantly evolving in an upward spiral of consciousness, like a circle on its side, moving through the experiences of life. And if you think of a circle starting at number one (being inception) and completing at number nine (being completion) with the circle itself representing zero or the potentiality of everything, you can better understand the life-cycle experiences we travel through each year.

Just as there are 360° in a circle, 3+6+0 = 9. And if we halve the circle to 180°, 1+8+0=9. And if we halve again to 90°, 9+0=9. And again to 45°, we get 4+5=9 and so on and so forth. The cycle of life is all contained within one to nine.

The nine energy is one of the spiritual being, the healer and the humanitarian. Nine asks that we accept and trust in the bigger picture. Nine is the artist (and hence we have seen so many great and famous souls depart the planet already in 2016 – it is THEIR year to choose. You can read my previous BLOG post on this). The nine energy has lived the whole cycle of life and therefore, I often call it the ‘old soul’ energy.

2016 is a year that champions us letting go and completing the life cycle. It is an energy many of us have trouble accepting and putting into action, yet it is so good and important for our spiritual growth to trust more and worry less. Afterall, we have everything we need within us to admirably navigate the waters of life. This year we are learning first-hand that getting uncomfortable is what catalyses us into living the purpose we came here to lead.

I said back in 2015, that 2016 would be a year for the planet that was slower paced compared to 2015, and I also said that many people weren’t going to enjoy the slower pace in 2016, despite the many calls that last year was too hectic.

Now by ‘slower paced’ I mean ‘trust in the unknown’. And the UNKNOWN is certainly what has people worried at present. Yes? Think about it now. Do you like to know what is coming up next? Do you like to feel safe in the knowledge that you are ‘in control’ of the events and circumstances of your life? Most of us do. It is our head energy (our personality) that operates in human time and looks after our physical life that is the controller. Our head is wired to be in control, so that your physical body is protected throughout your lifetime.

Yet it is our heart energy (our soul) that operates beyond time and is wired to the beat of the cosmos, which is out of control (and that’s all about being in the flow). Soul knows beyond the personality. Soul sees the bigger picture at play and therefore, is at home in the unknown, with the unknown simply being what the head (your personality) can’t see yet or understand in the physical world.

Therefore, the UNKNOWN is only the unknown to the head in the physical dimension (your normal waking life, what I call ‘3D life’). The UNKNOWN is the known to the heart, which operates in the spiritual dimension (life beyond 3D life, the eternal, of which you are a part).

And here’s the clincher, which has most people confused on a daily basis. YOU have a consciousness in both the physical and spiritual dimensions all at once. You are head and heart energy at the same time. You must learn to correlate the two, so that you trust that what your head doesn’t know right now, your heart does. The sooner we can lead our life with our heart, with our head assisting, the sooner we can relax and get on purpose.

And so I begin this special report making the distinction between our head and heart, as I am appealing to your personality to drop down into the soul, (head to heart) whilst you read what I am about to say. For you will need to gain an understanding of the bigger cosmic picture at play, to fully grasp the current physical events playing out on Earth.  

We need to see ‘beyond the obvious’ to see into the unknown and that requires that you put aside your pre-conceived fears about the future and instead relax into the knowledge that your soul (your heart) provides you with right now.

So let’s take a look at the Brexit and the US elections with our hearts wide open, our heads listening in and our awareness wired into the cosmic influences….

Back on the weekend of June 04 and 05, to Monday June 06, 2016 we experienced a rather rare cosmic occurrence from our perspective here on Earth. It is known as the planetary Grand Cross. I said in the June 03 - 09 issue of The Tip-Off Forecast…

The cosmic energy of this week has not been felt since 2007, so it is indeed rare and altering, with long-term benefits for all of us. We need to be strong, trust in our psychic abilities and hold true to the long-range vision for our life. For indeed souls are on fire and your inner light is being re-awakened abundantly this week…

The next seven days presents us with a RARE cosmic alignment known as The Grand Cross. If you can imagine a giant pyramid in the sky with Earth centered then you can get an idea of what power we will be utilising over the next week. A planetary cross between Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, The Sun, The Moon and Venus begins to form, the likes of which have not seen since October 2007.

We are in the peak of the cosmic pyramid and every aspect of life involving integrity, prosperity, the light, the hidden, illusions, value and self-worth are ALL coming to a head. Over the coming month it will also be Solstice, which will bring us to a point of major renewal. June presents us with special moment of growth and soul maturity.

Just before The Grand Cross occurred on June 03, Saturn made its closest approach to Earth all year, an event known as The Saturn Opposition. This event made the Grand planetary Cross all the more intense and powerful, holding the world and each one of us as individuals, to personal account.

Saturn has such a huge influence on the energetics of Earth and when it is positioned in this yearly alignment, it is our annual opportunity to face off against our own dark. It is our yearly opportunity to own up to ourselves and advance spiritually in leaps and bounds.

I said in the June 03 - 09 issue of The Tip-Off Forecast…

We have been preparing for this event since Friday May 27. Do you remember back a week ago? The energy was very intense and you were forced to make a choice and speak up in honour of your personal truth. Did you? If so, you will see the results of your labours now.

We can expect that personal responsibility is a key theme for healing and release into the weekend. We are being made well aware of our need to own whom we are, love who we are and deeply consider how we process our thoughts and most importantly, act upon them. We are shown clearly right now, the results of our previous actions. In short, it is a karmic period.

Then The Grand Cross hit on the weekend of June 04 - 06. And this is what I said in The Tip-Off Forecast for June 03 – 09…

This is one of the biggest weekends of the year! Over the next 24 hours a planetary cross between Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, The Sun, The Moon and Venus begins to form, the likes of which has not been seen since October 2007. I remember the last time this happened, as I was teaching my weekly Energy Booster Shot Class at the time, and was explaining the significance of this great cosmic influence to my class. It was in early October 2007 that the so-called GFC kicked off, and those who look to the stars see it as being influenced by the stresses brought on by The Grand Cross.

Imagine a giant pyramid in the sky with EARTH centered and that is what is now forming. We are in the peak of the cosmic pyramid and every aspect of life involving integrity, prosperity, the light, the hidden, illusions, value and self-worth are ALL coming to a head.

To take greatest advantage of the peaking energy over this weekend, you need to be informed. For many people around you will act like they are losing control on their reality. This planetary influence is placing stress upon us all and those who will fair well are those who will be acting calm, meditating and fully expecting the air to be tense. Once you know what to expect, you can remain at peace and be a rock for others. The key is to not be thrown off kilter by the events of the next few days.

We are setting in motion a chain reaction that will fully develop over the next six - twelve months. Some may notice nothing at all and yet others will feel like life has finally lifted to reveal some great cover-up, fog or haze. Whichever it is for you, remain calm and wait for further inner instructions.

Also, on the weekend of June 04, we had a New Moon right on The Grand Cross. I said in The Tip-Off Forecast for June 03 – 09…

“  Now the Grand Cross energy is PEAKING! Be aware you will probably receive little sleep tonight. Don’t be worried or concerned if you feel anxious, or feel like you are having heart palpitations. It is to be expected right now with so many challenging lines of energy activating our high-heart chakra (around the thymus gland) in particular.

We are in the centre of a cosmic hyper pyramid and ALL thought is being amplified. Be very aware of what you focus on right now, as you muster the energy to steer clear of negativity. Stay away from being down on yourself, the world, or others, for you will magnify it all ten fold! Instead focus on quiet and solitude under this New Moon, as you manifest your potential.

This is a weekend of inspirational insight. You may notice that your life radically shifts and alters onto its most pure and authentic path, thanks to the rare planetary Grand Cross. “

By Monday June 6, The Grand Cross energy was peaking for the globe and this is what I had to say about in in the June 03 – 09, Tip-Off Forecast…

Over the next 24 hours we are bathed in the energy of The Grand Cross. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, The Sun, The Moon and Venus are all calling to us. This is the ideal energy under which to meditate on your own or form a group with those who are like-minded. When meditating, imagine you are in the centre of a giant cosmic pyramid, as EIGHT lines of energy converge within you.

See your heart lit up and receiving light and healing from the core of the universe. You are becoming a beacon for good. Right now we need your energy to be pure, positive and optimistic. The last time this ‘tight’ a planetary Grand Cross occurred we kicked off the global financial cleansing in 2007.

Over the next six to twelve months what and how we value abundance on Earth WILL shift. It is important that you know your worth and stay on top of any self-doubt. When you meditate focus on building up your core strength and then send it out far and wide into the universe. The colour GOLD is a prime colour to focus on over the next 24 hours. See yourself living a life of love, happiness, prosperity and good influence. Keep your energy and thoughts clear and future directed…

Then in the middle of The Grand Cross influences, Neptune moved retrograde beginning a deep soul-searching period that will last us the next five months. As I said in the June 15 – 21 issue of The Tip-Off Forecast…

It’s a soul-searching opening to the week, as over the next 24 – 36 hours, Neptune begins its annual retrograde movement relative to Earth. Coupled with some energetic movement around self-worth and self-image and we have a potentially rewarding period ahead. You may notice that people pop into your life ‘out of the blue’. If this is the case, know that everyone you come into contact with today is here to pass on an important message about your value and worth. Therefore, I urge you to stay open to any advice and suggestions that come your way.

The day after The Grand Cross peaked (June 07) the world literally needed to let-go and relax. And we all did. If you look back over your life in early June you will see the correlations. As I said in the June 03 – 09, Tip-Off Forecast…

The cosmic energy is potent over the next 24 hours, continuing on with The Grand Cross alignment of the past few days. You may be tired or unsure of where you are heading next. Allow this feeling to wash through you and know that is a temporary experience. For in just over a week you will be ready to assimilate the changes brought in by this week’s life altering events. For now take a deep breath in and welcome in a new day. You will start to see movement that is positive over the next 24 – 48 hours. Trust…

The weekend of June 18 – 19 THE GRAND CROSS WAS BACK
Then on the recent weekend of June 18 – 19, the influence of The Grand Cross was back just before the Global Solstice (magnificent cosmic timing yet again). This all occurred right before The UK’s EU Referendum, ensuring we were all sufficiently stirred to use our voices in supporting what we value and personally cherish.

As I said in the June 17 – 23, issue of The Tip-Off Forecast…

As the weekend progresses the intensity we feel… rises. The planetary alignment of the Grand Cross that was triggered in early June is back for a replay. Therefore, people everywhere will feel challenged and may not know why. The trick is in knowing what the challenge actually means for you. I suggest that any discomfort or concern you now feel is coming from your inner desire to live up to your full potential..

Powerful cosmic energy rains down upon Earth over the next 24 - 48 hours. The pending Full Moon and Solstice planetary influence has us alert, very much awake and on the verge of a huge leap in spiritual advancement.

The planetary Grand Cross has an effect on all of us that lasts for up to 18 months. So it’s influences have only just begun to be felt. The Grand Cross asks that we stand up for our INDIVIDUAL self-worth and value.

This will be a core issue well into 2017, which is when we begin a NEW ENERGY DECADE for the planet.

We need to clear out the old before we can begin the new. Yes?

Venus was a big player in The Grand Cross and Venus influences and champions the individual. Venus asks that we honour and value our talents and skills and that we stand up in support of who we are… as individuals.

For when you are a happy and at peace individual with meaning in your life, then everyone benefits. When the individual is at peace so is the collective. When your life flows, so does that of the globe. It all begins and ends with YOU.


Which leads me to now discuss why the Brexit has occurred from a cosmic standpoint. I deliver a detailed expose about the upcoming cosmic influences surrounding the US elections, from July until November 2016.

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Elizabeth x

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