SPECIAL UPDATE: A GLOBAL WAKE-UP CALL from the spiritual perspective

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My Dear Community,

In last week's Blog I said that 'The World Has Not Gone Mad' despite the seeming chaotic and uncertain situations which are brewing globally. And this week, it is vitally important that we stay focused on the 'bigger picture' which is looming for us as a collective Earth community.

If you look at any world event in isolation at present, such as what is happening with terrorist acts, the Venezuelan unrest, the UK's EU vote, the US elections and countless other unresolved situations globally, it can seem like the notch has been turned up on the craziness, at least from a physical perspective.

However, if you look at all of these situations as a whole (and from the spiritual perspective) it can seem that a very different picture is forming into view...

The BIGGER Picture
Each one of us has been wired with the talent of IMAGINATION. Inner pictures allows us to paint into view the outer experiences that we wish to create. Each one of us is an imaginative being and imagination is a spiritual talent - you were born with it and you never lose it, even if you think you are not using it.

What imagination produces is a physical effect in the outer world of our inner world. We each have the talent to see into and create a future reality, we do it everyday. From the food that we eat, to the lifestyle that we lead, to the people that we associate with. We are each driving it all from within.

So, I ask that you use your imagination right now and see from the inner realms, from spirit.

Think of a recent incident (in the last week) where you thought your life was critically being challenged. Take yourself back into that moment. Perhaps you felt hurt, alone, unsure and disconnected from soul. Even whilst you were going through this particular incident, was there a small (or big) aspect of your inner knowing that said, "When this dust clears you will be much clearer and better off than you are right now".

Be honest with yourself. Through the uncertainty came clarity Yes? After the dust settled on your recent life challenge, what did you learn from this? What answers became available to you? How did you grow, open up and release?

On Earth in 2016 (and particularly in June) we are wrapping up energy that we began back in 2008. This is The Year of Completion and we are concluding cycles of doubt and uncertainty.

It can seem like you are stirring up all manner of unwanted physical calamities this year. Yet from the spiritual (inner and imaginative perspective) you are clearing the way for the image of your perfect life to come into form.

This is exactly what is happening to all of us (and the planet as a whole) in 2016.

We are clearing the way to a new day...

For we are all one and we all wish to embrace and express LOVE.

Even when it appears that others are thinking and act otherwise, it is because they are clearing away their personal debris so that the LOVE can shine through.

There IS an accumulated DEBRIS on Earth.

It is being stirred up on mass in 2016.

It will seem darker before the dawn.

But remember to see the Bigger Picture.

Always relate the bigger picture back to what happens in your personal life and you will understand that what may at first be uncomfortable, if you follow it through to conclusion, leads to your ultimate release...   Love to you x

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