THE PLANETARY you live near a power point?

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My Dear Community,

Many years ago I did a lot of personal research around The Becker-Hagens world planetary grid. This energy grid is based on the icosahedron and maps the electro-magnetic pulse or heart-beat of the Earth.  These energy lines overlay sites of ancient cities, the migratory patterns of birds, Earth's seismic fracture zones and ocean ridge lines. It is also suggested that these invisible energy lines are used to navigate our skies by light craft, using the Earth's harmonic grid pattern...

I live in South Australia which is home to point 44 on the world grid, the only point intersecting over and through mainland Australia. In my experience, where these vortex points occur a huge wave of pulsating light is sent into the ground below and above into the sky, much like a pyramid energy effect (as above, so below). If you live near these areas (within several hundred kilometres) you become activated with a strong consciousness raising harmonic.

This is why powerful ancient structures still resonate with activation energy when you visit them. It is the invisible energy grid that is anchored by the stone (often quartz) buildings built within and upon them, which attune (like a tuning fork) us to the higher vibrational frequency of the grid.

Have you ever visited an ancient power point? Can you remember your third eye, heart and solar plexus being stimulated and turned onto high resolution when you were there? This is why places like the Giza Plateau and Angkor Wat city still attract tourists/pilgrims today. On a deeper level, soul knows where to take us to turn us back onto the grid of light that connects all souls in the universe.

I have been drawn all over the world throughout my life, meditating in, raising the energy with and connecting to global power points, including:

  • The ancient rose coloured city of Petra in Jordan - I particularly felt a string feminine energy emanating here.

  • In Egypt - The Giza Plateau, Dashur (incredibly old red pyramid), Saqqara, Abydos, Denderah (my beloved Temple of Hat-or), Valley of the Kinds & Queens, Thebes/Karnak/Luxor Temples, Temple of Horus...

  • Greece - ancient Atlantean outposts of Santorini (Akrotiri), Temple of Phaistos and Knossos.

  • Australia - Crystal Mountain at Point 44 - the world grid, Uluru - sacred Earth pulse.

  • Cambodia - the ancient city of Angkor (built on even older sacred ground). I have visited over five times and will be back. It is on par with the energy generated by the monuments of Egypt.

  • Vietnam - Halong Bay, sacred waters and limestone islands.

  • ....I can go on, as there are many more

I invite you to do your own research and study into the world energy grid. Ask soul to take you to a power point that will activate your light. You may very well find one waiting for you in your very own backyard...

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© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Peru | Deltawaves