The Sun's Cycle, Stock Markets, Earth Activity & Human Evolution

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Dear Cosmic Community,

From time immemorial, our ancient ancestors held great reverence and respect for our eternal, life-giving star - The Sun.  The Sun wakes us each day and tells us when to sleep. The Sun warms us and gives us light, as much as it energises and holds us at it's cosmic mercy. The Sun is larger than a million Earth's - just imagine - it is that HUGE. Such a cosmic heavy weight pulls the strings in our local solar system. The Sun is the ruler and the golden white, fiery orb that we are locked into, acting as our gigantic cosmic mother/father energy.

Not a moment of each day goes by when we're not reliant upon The Sun. Yet, how often do you consider this? Is the Sun something that just gives you warmth or are you prepared to lift the lid on how much of an impact the Sun truly has upon your human life, your daily living, Earth activity and the evolution and consciousness of our souls?

The Sun's Cycle
Every 11 years or so the Sun moves through a cycle of intense activity. These cycles are often referred to as Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum. Solar Minimum is the cycle of least activity on the Sun and Solar Maximum is the cycle of most activity. In the lead up to solar maximum  the Sun produces masses of Sun spots, which unleash huge flares for kilometres out into space. These flares affect Earth's electromagnetic field, causing potential electrical and radio wave disruption and intense aurora activity around our poles..

In the lead in to and during Solar Minimum, there are no to very few sunspots produced, with no solar flaring. However, the Sun can produce huge rips and tears upon its surface, spewing forth solar wind streams, which can be Earth directed.

Portals of Communication between The Sun and The Earth
There are also portals of energy which directly connect the Sun and Earth. These portals have been proven to exist by astrophysicists

These portals of communication pass energy back and forth between the Earth and the Sun approximately every 8 minutes. I find this fascinating, because in my work as a Cosmic Guide and Spiritual Teacher I have noted (over the past twenty years)  that when the Sun is moving through a particularly intense cycle of activity, that those people sensitive to energy fluctuations are greatly affected.

Stock and Financial Markets
There have been several studies done to show that the stock and financial markets are directly influenced by solar cycles. These studies go right back to the 1800's with tracking of solar maximum and concurrent stock market crashes. Although solar activity itself has been regularly studied since the 1700's.

Cosmic Rays
Given that our current solar cycle (24) is now heading into solar minimum, our next solar cycle (25) is due to hit maximum in the late 2020's. Does that mean we have a clear run on financial markets until then? Most certainly not. Even during the years of solar minimum the Sun is still active and Earth's field is actually weakened, meaning that more 'Cosmic Rays' penetrate matter than they do during solar maximum.

Just imagine that Earth is not immune to all sorts of galactic radiation infiltrating our electromagnetic field from deep space. There are muons (sub-atomic particles) which are the debris from exploded stars, radiating down upon Earth and passing through all matter. We’re literally showered in star dust each day! 

Earth Activity
Just as financial markets fluctuate with the cycle of the Sun, so too does Earth and it's seismic activity. Earthquake activity tends to increase (and even cluster) when there is significant activity upon the Sun. This can happen during solar maximum (think of Japan's Tsunami in 2011 when Solar Maximum 24 was peaking), but it can also happen during the eclipse season when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in direct alignment.

I find that all Earth activity can be traced back to what is happening on a planetary level (as well as how we are affecting the planet with human based activity).

Human Evolution and Consciousness
Most importantly it's our soul, human life, consciousness and evolution that directly fluctuates with the solar cycles.  We are not immune to cosmic change on Earth. Each one of us is an energy being first and foremost. We are a physical being secondly. The Sun's activity is linked into our brain wave and heart state. Our blood pressure can rise and fall with solar activity, as can the development of our thymus gland, which leads to pulsing and fluttering in the chest - a sign of spiritual awakening.

During periods of heightened solar activity our sleep patterns can be affected, as ideas and creative spirit will flow freely.

It's so important for our daily living and thriving, that we follow the patterns of the Sun, planets, stars and entire cosmos  - that we map our movements with those of above. This is why I've been writing The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast since 2003.

When we are in tune with the cosmos, we're in the flow and all of life opens up and makes sense. Remember that you're a cosmic citizen first and foremost. Let's honour who we are and our vast opportunity to grow and expand with the assistance of the solar cycles and the universe...

Do you feel that life on Earth fluctuates with the cycles of the Sun?


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