2018 THE YEAR OF WORLD SERVICE - It's not what you think!

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Dear Cosmic Community,

Welcome to my first blog post for 2018, what I'm calling 'The Year of World Service'.

2018 is an 11 master year for the planet and also a 2 year (be sure to read your 2018 Numerology Guide out with this week's Tip-Off Forecast)

2+0+1+8=11 and 1+1 = 2. In an 11/2 year, each of us is called to do our very best and step up to the plate of life. In 2018 nearly every day will present us with some form of a challenge, as we must prove our capabilities by walking our talk and taking action, rather than just hypothesizing about what we ‘think we know or want’.

2018 is also a year where we work in sacred partnership with the universe, doing our 50% and allowing the universe to do its 50%. It's a year where our mantra can be 'Push Less and Allow More'.

Rather than 2018 being a fast paced year where we force ourselves relentlessly, it's something quite different indeed.

To help you understand how 'The Year of World Service' works, listen to my short recording...

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