OUR NEW SPIRITUAL AGE: The Rise of Cosmic Consciousness

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Dear Cosmic Community,

For some time now, I've sensed that a 'spiritual renaissance' has been occurring here on Earth, on a deep and highly 'personal level'. Perhaps you've felt this too? Have you experienced a cracking open of awareness within you, which leads to a great opening up to the beauty of life and our place within the universe?

At an accelerated pace , thousands of souls in our global community are reporting increased instances of high-vibration ear downloads, high-heart fluttering, dietary shifts to high-consciousness (vegan/organic) foods, energetic re-wiring, relationship shifts, outer body experiences, spirit visitations and moments of complete knowing, as well as moments of complete emptiness, which come after intense personal challenge.

Personal Initiation
We're taking ourselves through daily initiations into higher knowing. If you're currently facing repetitive 'often-difficult' situations that ask you to step up and apply your wisdom and maturity - then congratulate yourself!

Soul is leading you through a series of tests to prove your knowing - to apply what you're learning from the myriad of spiritual resources now at your fingertips. If you read and apply cosmic teachings (like those that I offer each day) this does rub off on you and it does shift you - incredibly so. Especially when there are hundreds and thousands of  us all working at the same level or higher, encouraging this rise into our cosmic consciousness, at an expanded rate.

Let's go back to late 2010
Back in early 2011, at the time of the Egyptian uprising, I reported that a significant cosmic energy shift had taken place in late 2010. I felt intuitively at this time that the new 'great' planetary cycle (proposed to begin around December 21, 2012) had actually started earlier, around December 21, 2010. Perhaps you remember the report that I put out at this time? 2011 was a year of intense uprising for Earth. Sun cycle 24 was at its peak and Earth seismic shifts were happening monthly, including the great Japanese Tsunami.

Solar cycles attune us to cosmic consciousness. See my recent blog post on this.

Right now we're heading into solar minimum, which means that we're now APPLYING the great consciousness shifts, which we’ve been receiving since 2011. This is the first year in many years, where each of us is being guided to fully WALK our spiritual talk.

The rise of accessible SPIRITUAL information
Assisting us along our path of awakening is the relative explosion over the past twenty four months of readily accessible spiritual information, being made available online. Souls are seeking awakening and connecting to their purpose and life path.

This has souls searching in their millions and they ARE finding. YouTube in particular is now home to some 9.8 million videos on spirituality and half a million on cosmic consciousness alone. What this accessibility is doing, is causing us all to delve in deeper than ever before, at home, on the go, whenever we choose.

If we wake up at 3.33am every morning and wonder why,  we can jump online, where thousands of videos and articles await our call. This online information TRIGGERS us, it accelerates the growth of conscious awareness of who we are. It triggers us to wake-up and eventually to look within, to our own inner teacher and conscious knowing for all of our answers and spiritual direction.

The lead-in to 2020
Recently, I mentioned that 2020 will see the dawn of a new spiritual epoch here on Earth. Just imagine that what you are experiencing now is the cosmic curtain opener to what is about to come flooding in during 2020.

2020 is a year that marks a new epoch, a new cycle, one that has been building since 1980 and charged up in 2000. There are some significant planetary alignments occurring in both early and late 2020.

I will be discussing these in greater detail over the coming months.

You are a 'leader' - SOUL
Most importantly, know that your true essence - soul is leading you ahead. Each of us is a natural leader, because we are 'soul' and soul is all-power, made of cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is the fabric of the universe.

When you think and act cosmically, you move past all restriction.

In actuality, there is but one soul and you are this one soul. When you incarnate into a human life you create a personality through which to experience the duality of the physical dimension and your individualism. It's your sense of self that actually helps you to move through the rigors of human life.

Yet, underneath our humanity, is the eternal, all-knowing, omni-present - cosmic soul. And it is 'soul' that is leading us forward to remember who we are and to express the beauty of the cosmos with every breath and action that we take...

What great spiritual knowledge are you bringing through?
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