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My Dear Community,

2016 is The Year of Completion, as we wrap up a nine-year cycle begun back in 2008...

Back in January, 2016 I wrote a popular Blog post predicting that there would be an increase in the passing of artistic souls in 2016. Do you remember it?  Here is the link to my original post.

Now four months on and it seems that not a day goes by without the news of yet another well-known entertainer or creative artist leaving our earthly home. As I write this, we have just learned that PRINCE is the latest star to leave, shocking the world with his unexpected passing at such a young age, after having served us all for over forty years with his endless flow of inspiring talent.

I personally loved Prince's music and ability to express what we all resonated with, female and male alike. His life served as an example to us all and this is what entertainers do, they take the risks to be themselves and put themselves on the stage and on the line, every day of their life. And don't we just love and admire them for that?  The artists and creative ones show us the way back home to our true nature. They take the risks that allow their self-expression to light a torch within our hearts.

When we are entertained with music, acting, dance, poetry, sound, visuals, laughter, emotion and moving depth of feeling, our heart energy becomes pierced. And it is via the energy of the heart that we release our true essence, the SOUL. I always call the heart our 'soul chamber' and it is via the heart that we reach authenticity and raw, flowing spiritual truth. Therefore, it is vital that we engage in artistic and creative activities as we live each day with our soul out in front and leading our human lives.

Artists, creative beings and entertainers hold one of the highest positions on Earth. They carry within them some of the most incredible group responsibility, for they keep spirituality and beauty prominent in our lives. They remind us of who we are, they give us examples of how to use our own talent to express our truth and therefore, their art allows us to explore the infinite possibilities for our life. This is why artists and entertainers often die at a younger age than many. Most of us do not realise the great weight it is to carry the responsibility of being an example for others, even though most performers do not have this intention. This responsibility for the whole takes a huge energy toll on entertainers who just keep on giving, often not replenishing their own needs enough. It can shorten one's lifespan when balance is not maintained. They are the ones with the courage to live what they love (albeit on a grand scale) and by default they pave the way for us to do the same...

As I said back in January, throughout this year we will likely see an increase in the deaths and passing of major creative artists. These are artists who have impacted the global psyche and up-shifted our consciousness over generations. These passings will trigger mass awakenings. Most humans need wake-up calls to remind them of the impact of their own life. When a great artists passes, we slow down and reflect. We remember their impact on our growth and we automatically show inner respect for ourselves and all of life.

For many, these passings remind us of the fleeting nature of our Earth life. We are reminded that we are here to express who we are (TODAY) and not just live like robots and slaves to our often head-controlling ways. When a great artist dies, we again watch, listen and sink into their art form. It brings up memories of times passed, perhaps times when we were free and happy. We then question our own lives and what we are or are not doing right now, to express the beauty within our soul. Can you relate?

I believe that the reason we will see a continued line of artistic souls passing in 2016 is that is a NINE year for the globe (2+0+1+6 = 9) Life is cyclical in nature and moves in cycles of nine. The ancient Egyptians taught us that a circle equates to 360° and 3+6 +0 = 9. When we halve the circle we get 180° and 1+8+0 = 9. Then when we halve again, we get 90°and 9+0 = 9 and we have yet again into 45°and 4+5 = 9 etc. Nine is the energy of completion. It is the wrapping up of what began at one, the initiation. 2008 was a ONE year for the planet and in 2016 we complete and celebrate our life journey since 2008 to now. All throughout this year we will be tying up loose ends, closing off old business, re-setting and preparing for the new.

We need to be grateful for all we have accomplished over the past nine years in 2016 and choose to let-go with ease. This is a year where you are being asked to step into UNKNOWN territory, which is the area of the artist. Think about it, an artist and creative soul never quite knows where their impact and influence ends and this is the role you are being asked to take up NOW in 2016. It is a highly spiritual year for the planet and one where the ARTIST IN US ALL reigns supreme...

Here is a snippet about those born with a NINE Life Path from my 2016 Numerology Guide which is a bonus supplement when you subscribe to my weekly 7-day in advance Tip-off Global Energy Forecast:

" 9: The artist. Nines are born healers, nurturers and peace loving souls, sensitive to energy and highly tuned with the spiritual dimension. They are naturally artistic and seek out lives of harmony and caring for others. Many Nines go into the health care profession and/or work within the arts and creative pursuits. They find it difficult to enter into confrontations, stand their ground and especially hard to say goodbye. A great challenge for Nines is to let go of what has been and complete the cycle. It serves Nines well to look at all completions as a celebration rather than a loss. To see all endings as a celebration of the journey they have been on, as they become grateful for how they have grown and the marked impact they have had on all of life. They are often ‘old souls’ who have been to Earth many times and hence, can appear to be very wise to the ways of the world..." from my 2016 Numerology Guide

In 2016, the universal nine year, compassion and care are of great importance. As we are wrapping up what we globally began in 2008, it is easier this year for souls who are ready to depart Earth...to let go without a struggle. They are supported with smoother energy transitions and thus, we need not be sad for these souls.

My message from soul to you is this...
" Your life is important. It carries great meaning and opportunity. There is no need to wait until all is in place, to live with inspiration, depth and impact. For that day will never come. Today is the most important day of your life and it matters. Where can you place more care, consideration and energy? How are you looking after yourself by expressing what you love? No one is keeping tabs on your soul. YOU are free to think and feel as you choose and then to act accordingly. Do not use excuses, as they will just side-track and delay your inevitable expansion. Use the passings of these great artists as leverage for you to play your part and shine as brightly as you can, each day. Dedicate your life to serving all of us by using and appreciating your natural talents. You can do this. You can make it happen. Stay consistent as patience and confidence builds. AND SO IT IS...

Interestingly Prince had a NINE Life path (the true artist) as well as passing in a nine year. As I tune into his energy I do not feel sad. I feel that all is well. It's interesting that he passed in an elevator. I can't help but be reminded of his epic song, Let's Go Crazy....

"And if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy...punch a higher floor".

One can only imagine that Prince is on that higher floor right now and certainly punched for it his whole life. What an inspiration, let's all do our best to shine as bright. It's up to us, in this magnificent 2016 The Year of Completion.

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