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Dear Cosmic Community

Have you been feeling the great urge to find out why you’re here? Has Life Purpose been a topic of hot discussion in your mind, along with an inner search for meaning? Indeed, in larger and larger numbers people are now being forced (by their own will) into situations where finding their passion and living on purpose, is key.

Age is no barrier to finding your life purpose. You could be 18 and having an epiphany of why you’re here. from attending a college lecture or dance party. You could be 60 and have just had the courage to walk away from a toxic relationship. You could be nearly 30 or 40 and have lost your job, or a family member and this is your catalyst to search for greater meaning in your life.

No matter what your age or circumstance to awakening, there comes a defining moment or series of moments in life when we can see clearly, ask fervently and then surrender to a better, more purposeful life than the one we’re currently playing in.

Once we’ve realised that there is a higher meaning to life, then the task of finding our purpose begins to take over.  We want to know where to look, the right questions to ask and how to know what our purpose is when it shows up.

An excellent starting point for anyone looking into the greater reason for their soul’s journey this lifetime, and the way that their life has unfolded to date, is to begin by acknowledging the energies that were around in the year and the decade you were born into.

We choose the perfect time to be born. What century, what sex, what cultural background, what parents, what colour etc. These are all factors which are designed to propel us along our life’s course. Right down to the day, hour and minute, we carefully select the alignment of planets and world climate, which is best suited for us to enter into.

By studying and gaining an awareness and deeper understanding of the consciousness climate of the planet the year and the decade that you were born, you can begin to work with your birth energies and go with their flow, rather than working against what could very well help you to realise your innate potential.

For example, if you were born into the sixties, you chose an era that was flavoured with political unrest, the higher consciousness of the psychedelic movement, media coverage of war and a growing population opposed to war. There was student activism, the space race, the civil rights movement for equality, the rise of feminism and a new freedom in fashion and love. This was a decade that demanded freedom, peace, change, equality and personal expression.

Consider then that these energies are your innate birth energies and you’ll have some better idea as to what qualities to nurture and encourage in your life. These qualities may well explain why you’ve always felt such a strong desire for equality, personal expression and peace. With this awareness you can then start acknowledging that these are the energies that feel innately strong within you. So, then you can work with these qualities rather than shunning your true strengths.

To find the world events and energies at play around the globe the year and the decade you were born into, visit this informative website and soak up the rays of your birth.

Powered with this information, you then have a general understanding of the propelling forces in your life and can now begin to use these energies to move you into obtaining a clearer idea of what you are here to work on this lifetime.

The consciousness of the decade you were born into:

1. The Noughties

Technological advances are expedited, as cell phones and the Internet go global. Terrorism is the new perceived threat to survival along with global warming. The economy crashes worldwide. Genetic engineering flourishes along with viral diseases. Spirituality and the self-help movement expand at a phenomenal rate, as people turn away from traditional religion. 
The energies of truth, spirituality, honesty and green living are highlighted.

2. The Nineties

We can now watch war on TV, as it happens around the globe. The Middle East erupts, as organic living grows in popularity in the west. Environmental consciousness grows and equality comes closer with the end of Apartheid in South Africa. Designer drugs go mainstream, as the World Wide Web explodes and brings us all closer together.
 The energies of expansion, health, Earth stewardship and communication are highlighted.

3. The Eighties

The end of the cold war between east and west. The world unites through Live Aid, Band Aid and the Aids epidemic grows. Students protest on mass over nuclear power. The Berlin Wall comes down and we witness the massacre at Tiananmen Square. The computer age goes mainstream and music bends gender.
 The energies of unity, peace, compassion and freedom are highlighted.

4. The Seventies

Women’s liberation and role in society go mainstream and true equality begins to be realised. The electronics and digital age begins with the home computer and video games being born. The children of the forties manifest the foundation of our current age. 
The energies of mind expansion, non-conformity, women’s right’s and digital consciousness are highlighted.

5. The Sixties

Psychedelics go mainstream and lift higher consciousness. Music becomes freer and people let their hair grow. The youth demand peace and begin actively demonstrating. The world demands equality. 
The energies of personal-expression, peace, equality and higher consciousness are highlighted.

6. The Fifties

The cold war begins and fear of communism spreads across the globe. Quality of life soars in the western world, as does the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Television is introduced and the world becomes slightly more transparent. 
The energies of conformity vs. individualism, racism, breaking free and letting go are highlighted.

7. The Forties

A decade of frugality, as war grips the planet and the first atomic bomb is used against humanity. Consequently the world is shocked and comes together with the founding of The United Nations. The post-war population soars with new babies coming into this energy.
 The energies of forgiveness, drama, security, restriction and care are highlighted.

8. The Thirties
Similar to the energy of the 1990's. This generation followed one of decadence. They are savvy, austere and focused on being simple, defined and elegant. They are looking for answers within and bring to the world depth and creative genius. Great writers and expressionists of art and beauty are born during this decade. Less about the ego and more about the value of being authentic, this generation is careful and considered. They lay the framework and foundations for many generations to come.

What decade were you born into and how has this consciousness influenced your life path? Let us know…

Elizabeth x

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