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Dear Cosmic Community,

By now, you’ve probably heard that on September 6, 2018, The US National Solar Observatory located in Sun Spot New Mexico, was shut down by the FBI for ‘security reasons’ for nearly 11 days. It’s now re-opened amidst a flurry of worldwide speculation about ‘why’ this event occurred and what it is potentially covering up.

To add further speculation around this closure, is the reported ‘several’ other solar observatories (worldwide) also having their cameras taken ‘offline’ around the same time.

I reported last week on my Facebook page on September 15, that the Sun had been extremely active, spewing out solar wind streams, that us sensitive souls on Earth feel ‘way before’ they ever reach our planet. Hence, over the past week, hundreds of thousands of us have been headachy, restless, uneasy and feeling that our entire lives are about to shift.

Of course, as you know from following my weekly Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast that September 6 is also the day that the three weeks of planetary Grand X patterns started forming in our skies. This is an intense energy period up until September 30, whereby we are each undergoing an internal ‘personal transformation’, as the planets line up, forming a great square with Earth at centre - it’s like we’re sitting in the middle of a giant cosmic pyramid for three weeks - and all of life is amplified.


Now, I add to this event, my own ‘personal experiences’ that also occurred on September 6 and that were so profound, that I immediately told my team about them the next day. We were all stunned and quietly excited. I’ve kept this on the down low until now, for as you will see, I feel that by Equinox (September 22/23, 2018) we will all have greater clarity over what has just occurred on a spiritual and cosmic level over the past two weeks.

My experience - September 6, 2018
It was during my sleeping hours, that I woke up within my dream and became consciously aware, that I had been transported to an insulated ‘situation room/holding area’ somewhere in the US, that was in lock down and only top level minds/intuitives were allowed in. I knew it had something to do with the government, but it was also above and beyond the government at the same time.

I was standing next to a male on my left in a suit, and there were to two other males at a control desk to my right, in front of me. I was struck by how the room looked very austere, almost like I was back in the 1960’s. We were all looking into a huge glass window in front of us. It was a window into space and I knew we were waiting for something to happen.

I was told that I would stay in this place for two weeks with work to do, and that after this time, we would all be done. That two weeks will be up at the end of this week and I must say, my life has felt altered ever since September 6.

The most profound and moving experience I had in this room, was while watching into the glass wall into space, that we began to look into the Sun. Then in quick succession, I saw hundreds of souls, leaving the Sun and coming ‘back’ to Earth.

Yes, it felt like these souls had been on a sojourn to the Sun and that they were returning back to Earth to continue the lives they had left off, many decades prior. I saw them all, in their human form. I saw their faces and clothing and they all looked so happy to be back and so changed for their experiences.

There were females and males, young and old. It was physically overwhelming to hold the space for everyone and experience it, at the same time. I knew we were welcoming them back and helping them to assimilate - over the next two weeks.

I share this information with you now, as I feel a strong call to do so. For many weeks, I’ve felt the rise of consciousness here on Earth and I’ve been particularly vocal in speaking about it online and in my weekly energy forecasts

In recent years, I’ve had several ‘dream experiences’ like this one that I had on September 6. They have each been more ‘real and vivid’ than my waking life. They were so profound in fact, that they were actually prophetic, proving true only days after the actual dream event occurred.

I feel that we have had a SOLAR EVENT - a homecoming, over the past week. Souls are gathering on Earth.

As, we head into 2020 and the galactic shift into the age of Aquarius, we’re each being called to assist. If you notice that you are somehow seeing greater synchronicity in your life and have become extra psychic over the past two weeks, then you may be tuning into this higher wave solar ‘soul’ event too.

I also see the timing of this event, as important with my talk and Guided Meditation experience next week in London, at ICDI 2018 ‘You Are Needed: Our Rise into Higher Consciousness. When I devised my talk many months ago, I just knew that it had to be in encouragement of as many souls as possible, rising up into their roles of assistance here on Earth. Perhaps you’ll be there?

This weekend at Equinox, I feel another profound life shift will occur. Let’s prepare to be released and to ‘let go’, as never before.

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