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Do you have a passion for the stars? Would you like to develop your cosmic wisdom? Learn how to connect with the planets andinterpret their messages for your life.

This is THE COURSE that Elizabeth recommends for all of her Tip-Off Forecast subscribers.

You will tap into Elizabeth's own techniques for reading the planets and stars. The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast is known for it's spot-on accuracy each week. Working with Cosmic Codes teaches you how to interpret the cosmic events and patterns just like Elizabeth does. This is MUST HAVE information for all budding energy reporters out there and for absolutely anyone looking to understand what the planets mean 'personally' for their life.

Elizabeth shares with you her in-depth information about the inter-connected energies in our solar system, revealing how each planetary body has a profound impact on another.

These classes take you through connections and meditations to personally experience: The Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and other star systems of your choice.....

- Receive specific planetary information, personal to you, as you develop first hand teamwork with the universe.

- Knowing what each planet means for you will help you translate current planetary influences impacting your life and the globe.

- Better plan and utilise your daily activities to great advantage with your planetary insider knowledge.

- Improve and appreciate your intuition as you gain greater cosmic connection and respect for all life forms.


Video Class 1   -  
Planetary Bodies and You

Video Class 2   -  
Our Solar System Part 1

Video Class 3   -  
Our Solar System Part 2

Video Class 4   -  
Other Star Systems

Total Course Running Time 90 minutes
Includes all Video Classes within this Course, Class Study Guides & Notes (PDF’s) - Printable or easy view ' On Screen ' 

Each class in this course takes the viewer through a concentrated meditative journey. It is suggested to watch the classes in the order that they are numbered and to watch a maximum of one class per day,  practicing assimilation of the class content in-between viewings. Classes can be repeated often, as new and deeper insights will arise with each viewing.

1 MONTHS ACCESS for just AU$99.00

Would you like to know how each planet influences and impacts on you? Perhaps you read astrology forecasts and get confused with what each planet represents? What if there was a simple way that you could relate to each planet and be in tune with the cosmos, as you gain your own wisdom and messages from the planets and stars? This is what Cosmic Codes gives you, Elizabeth's own techniques to form a relationship with our planetary influences.

Are you a subscriber to The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast? If so, you will love Cosmic Codes as this course deepens your connection with the planetary influences which Elizabeth discusses in each Tip-Off.

Since 2003 Elizabeth has authored the widely popular Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast, known for it's uncanny accuracy of cosmic influences in people's lives. With Cosmic Codes, Elizabeth reveals and shares her own practices of cosmic connection, so that you can develop into the intuitive forecaster of your own life.




Elizabeth also recommends her online course ' Finding Your Life Purpose ' for a deep exploration and uncovering of your ideal life path and the stages of awakening along the way.

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