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Are you longing to work for yourself in a career that you love? Do you want an occupation that is uniquely you? Let's create a career that uses all of your born with talents. Develop meaning, satisfaction and success in your soulful career.

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This is THE COURSE that Elizabeth recommends for everyone interested in transitioning into a soul based career that they love.

Are you at a crossroads within your career? Is your current occupation fulfilling you spiritually and financially? Do you long to be involved with what you love each day? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then The Soulful Career will open up a universe of practical possibilities for you. Based on Elizabeth's own transition from a corporate career into running a successful business within the spiritual and personal development industry. In this course Elizabeth shares with you her personal steps and techniques for turning your soul's desires into a career reality.


Video Class 1   -  
Your Personal Evolution

Video Class 2   -  
How Do I Best Serve?

Video Class 3   -  
Your Passion : Your Living

Video Class 4   -  
Giving Yourself Permission

Video Class 5   -  
The Reasons For A Soulful Career

Video Class 6   -  
The First Steps

Video Class 7   -  
Transitioning Careers

Video Class 8   -  
Building The Momentum

Video Class 9   -  
Ethics, Integrity & Respect

Video Class 10-  
Goign Alone or Teaming Up

Video Class 11-  
Consistency and The Long haul

Video Class 12   -  
Be Original

Total Course Running Time 260 minutes ( each class is approx. 20 minutes in duration )
Includes all Video Classes within this Course, Class Study Guides & Notes (PDF’s) - Printable or easy view ' On Screen ' 

Each class in this course takes the viewer through a concentrated meditative journey. It is suggested to watch the classes in the order that they are numbered and to watch a maximum of one class per day,  practicing assimilation of the class content in-between viewings. Classes can be repeated often, as new and deeper insights will arise with each viewing.

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Do you have a wonderful idea of what you would love to do for a career, yet don't know how to begin? Or perhaps you can't see how you can earn a living from your natural talents and skills? Are there fears that hold you back? We all have hurdles to overcome that often limit our success. All that is required to transition into a soulful career is to have strong a desire to be living what you love each day and the rest will be shown to you in this course. Identifying what soul desires as the best fit career for us is often a difficult step. Elizabeth is very aware of this process and places particular attention on coaxing forth from within, what it is you would love as a career, but have perhaps been resisting. You'll marvel at what you discover your soul desires for your life and you'll be given the practical action steps to follow through and make your soulful career a reality.

In this series of classes, Elizabeth will take you through the steps to transition into and re-ignite a soulful career:

  • You will learn the importance of raising your awareness as you look to a career path that fulfills your soul's ideal occupation.
  • You will learn how you best serve this planet with your unique talents, skills and gifts, as you formulate a practical plan to put them to use in creating your soulful career.
  • How to transition careers will be highlighted, as you give yourself permission to manifest a career that perfectly suits you.
  • You will look at the importance of cultivating consistency, ethics, integrity and respect along your soulful career path.
  • You'll learn that your passion can become your living as you dispel limitations around finances and long term success.
  • Importantly you'll learn how to gain and maintain momentum, so that you stay strong on your soulful career path.


  • Having the support and encouragement to go ahead in creating a soulful career path that is unique to you.
  • Fulfilling your life path and purpose through your soulful career.
  • Cultivating fulfillment, meaning and personal reward through your soulful occupation.
  • Utilising your born with natural skills and talents to make your successful living, as you give of and share yourself with the world. 


Elizabeth also recommends her online course ' Finding Your Life Purpose ' for a deep exploration and uncovering of your ideal life path and the stages of awakening along the way.

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