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“What an ingenious way to connect with the planets and receive personal messages from the stars. I never looked at myself as planetary body before, but I sure do now. This course has opened up my perception of other realities and you’ve shown me how to receive my own energy insights on a daily basis. I’m so grateful for your work Elizabeth. You’re one of the best.”
— Frank Le Grande.

Learn now to tap into Elizabeth's own techniques for reading the energy of planets and stars.

The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast is known for it's spot-on accuracy each week.

Working with Cosmic Codes teaches you how to interpret the cosmic events and patterns just like Elizabeth does

This is ESSENTIAL information for absolutely anyone looking to understand how to interpret planetary messages.

In this series of four video classes, Elizabeth teaches you how to interpret your direct experience of the planets and stars:

  • Learn how to connect with and experience the major planetary bodies in our solar system.
  • Learn how we're each a planetary body with impact and influence upon the universal energy stream.
  • Learn how to interpret the messages of the planets and stars in your own personal life.
  • Experience meditations to personally connect with: The Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and other star systems of your choice.....


  • You'll receive specific planetary information, personal to you, as you develop first hand teamwork with the universe.
  • You'll learn what each planet means for you, helping you to translate current planetary influences impacting your life and the globe.
  • You'll be able to better plan and utilise your daily activities with your planetary insider knowledge.
  • You'll improve your intuition, as you gain greater cosmic connection and respect for all life forms.
  • You'll develop into the intuitive forecaster of your own life.

Total Course Running Time 90 minutes ( each class is approx. 23 minutes in duration )
Includes all Video Classes, Class Study Guides & Notes (PDF’s) - Printable or easy view ' On Screen ' 

A single, one time payment of AUD33 for 3 MONTHS ACCESS

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