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“ Being on purpose happens naturally when we’re being creative and focused on bringing through beauty... “
— Elizabeth Peru

Elizabeth Peru

I can remember being born - the actual moment of my birth into this current human lifetime. I recall the hospital room, the faces, the voices, the smell of ether and the distinct knowing that I was back and ready for my next big adventure. Ever since, I've deeply contemplated the meaning of life and looked to the stars for assurance and guidance that all is well. And indeed it is. For in that journey of seeking my answers, I found that everything we need and know is already here.

Since 2003, I've worked globally as an inspired Author, Spiritual Teacher and forecaster of upcoming planetary and energy trends. The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast is known by many as 'The globe's favourite energy forecast' with a readership in over eighty countries worldwide. I'm passionate about waking people up and bringing cosmic knowledge mainstream. My future energy predictions break down often complex cosmic events, into easily understandable soulful teachings. You access a window to your future, using the cosmic cycles to improve and enhance your life experiences.

In 2017, I was approached by Hay House to publish my first book 'Cosmic Messengers' which has been a worldwide success. In 2018, I was named 'Emerging Global Voice of The Year' by Kindred Spirit UK and I'll be a headliner at The Hay House 'I Can Do It' in Conference in September 2018. I'll also be back in LA in February 2019, presenting at the world's largest Mind, Body Spirit Expo - The Conscious Life Expo.

My focus is on consistently delivering accurate and helpful life guidance, as I intuitively interpret global cosmic influences. I've always been outspoken and independent whilst quiet and introspective. It's natural for me to share my knowledge and offer a very different take on who we are and why we are here.  I trust you enjoy my work. It is offered to help you grow and develop your own soul path beautifully.

My highest goal in life is being active in the field of philanthropy. To this end, I contribute a portion of the proceeds from my work to the causes that help raise global consciousness.

Australia is my home, somewhat remote from much of the globe and thus, fueling my desire to connect with people worldwide. My early years, right up until my late twenties, revolved around my passion for dance, teaching and choreography. Teaching was my creative outlet, whilst my day job centered around working for multi-nationals in the corporate arena.

In my mid to late twenties, I had my spiritual wake-up call. I just wasn't satisfied with my old lifestyle any longer. I needed a life where the full range of my talents and abilities were being utilised every day. I knew that nothing else would suffice. Particularly if I was to reach and grow into my full potential. This is also when I was intuitively drawn to becoming vegan, an act that lifted my consciousness and opened the doorway to other dimensions and outer body experiences, where I truly encountered soul and the cosmos. From the year 2000 onward, spirit turned on within me like a bright light, inspiration flowed like a tap and hence, I've been sharing my spiritual experiences with higher consciousness ever since.

It's this incredible journey which leads me to you today. The path of knowing one's self is a daily one, often difficult, always rewarding. I love to walk the path of self-knowing and hence, most of my training has come from my own personal study.  Each day as I work and grow, it is my honour to pass on the love, the push and the way for others.

I trust that my work delivers you accurate and helpful life guidance through my interpretations of global cosmic influences.

Over many years of personal experience and hands-on teaching, I have synthesized my understanding of life to be a soul-mate partnership between the consciousness of our heart and head. I weave this interpretation into all of my energy forecasts and core teachings:

  • Our heart is 'the soul chamber' the container of soul in the human body.

  • Soul is our eternal being that is in presence and remembers all.

  • Heart/Soul is therefore, source of all thought and idea and is our library of 'life books'.

  • Soul communicates directly with the head, what I call 'the personality'.

  • The Personality is our human ego. It is here to protect our body and to do the work of the soul.

  • Personality takes the thoughts and ideas from soul and processes them via thinking for use in our everyday life.

  • The heart and head, soul and personality work as a team, with soul directing personality and personality following soul's inner direction.

  • The head is our questioner and the heart holds all of our answers.

  • When our personality learns how to ask soul for direction and then applies what it hears, we fulfil our destiny.

  • The aim of life is for our personality to follow soul's desires, as we walk daily with a foot in both the spiritual and physical dimensions.

  • The universal cosmic energy works on the command of soul and is in constant teamwork with you.

“Thanks Elizabeth for being part of my daily life and helping me prepare for each day with confidence and inner strength. You are truly gifted and keep sharing your insights as everyone benefits from them”
— Liz Hoskin
“You are an incredibly generous soul who is making such a difference in this crazy world Elizabeth. Thank you for always ‘being there”
— Nikki Perren

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I've been studying and teaching metaphysics since 2000 until the current day.
I've been an Usui Reiki Master since 2003.
I've been authoring The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast since 2003 to the present day.
I've been a Diploma Qualified Sound and Colour Healer since 2004.
I've travelled to many global ancient sites and power points connecting and learning from the energies from 2005 to the present.
I taught weekly live Meditation and Sound Healing Groups in Australia from 2004 - 2011 to audiences of over 100.
I've presented at Australian Mind, Body Spirit Expos from 2008 to the present, speaking to audiences of 100 - 500.
I was a regular monthly columnist 'Sacred Wisdom' with popular Australia magazine Insight from 2009 - 2012.
I taught regular workshops and healing courses in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong from 2006 - 2011.
I've offered In Person and Online Soul Mentoring Sessions to thousands of clients worldwide since 2007.
I've offered Personal Journey Recordings (channeled soul readings) to thousands of clients worldwide since 2007.
I taught my personally developed Online Advanced and Master Soul Mentoring Programs from 2011 - 2014.
I've offered live Global Healing Webinars and Energy Activations since 2007 to the present.
From 2015, my global reach has significantly increased, as I dedicate my teaching to awakening souls through the globe's top, accurate spiritual and cosmic energy forecast, The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast, Guided Meditations, Interviews and Events and daily Social Media offerings.
In 2018, my first book with Hay House has been published 'Cosmic Messengers'

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