Elizabeth Peru, Australian-based author, cosmic guide, independent publisher and spiritual teacher, whose energy forecasts and consciousness teachings are read by tens of thousands of souls each week, in over 100 countries worldwide.

Since 2000, Elizabeth has been dedicated to spreading the light and uplifting humanity. After experiencing her own spontaneous awakening in the mid 1990’s through a series of out of body experiences, she travelled the globe researching the journey of the soul, immersing herself in the energy of ancient sites including Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, England and North America. Elizabeth constantly reinvigorates the messages that she receives from global power centres, by traveling regularly to them, connecting with ancient, current and future energy. It’s this dedication to her personal evolution and the focus that Elizabeth places on ‘spiritual expansion’ that deepens her awareness and consciousness, which she then passes on in her work and weekly Tip-Off Forecasts

Elizabeth has the unique ability to intuitively read energy patterns, interpreting the movements and messages of the planets and stars and relaying their meaning to her global audience. This ability, to naturally tune into energy and simply convey its hidden messages for our life, has been with Elizabeth her whole life.

Elizabeth has authored The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast every week since 2003, making it one of the longest running and most trusted cosmic energy forecasts and life guides on the planet.

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Elizabeth shows us each week that we are souls, experiencing human life in order to grow in cosmic awareness. By following Elizabeth’s work, you’ll receive a deeper understanding of who you are on a multi-dimensional level, as well as tuning into and opening up your life purpose. Her work speaks directly to your heart, which Elizabeth calls our ‘soul chamber’, activating your own innate knowing and intuition.

People often assume that Elizabeth is an astrologer, yet she’s never studied astrology. Her talents and skills come from past and present life experiences, continually studying the art of interpreting cosmic consciousness. Known for her life-changing Guided Meditation journeys, Elizabeth ‘walks her spiritual walk’ daily, connecting with the spiritual realm and bringing through messages for the planet that are practical and easily understood. Elizabeth is a Soul Channel, Cosmic Guide and Sound and Colour Healer who has conducted private sessions with over 3,000 individual clients worldwide, many of whom have gone on to be leading lights in the self-development field.

She’s known for her ‘spot-on’ energy predictions and unique teachings on the journey of the soul. Elizabeth has appeared live on stage in Australia, Asia, The UK and US speaking at large conferences and for Hay House. She is known for her ability to speak directly to the soul, particularly on her popular YouTube Channel and from her regular video transmissions


Elizabeth’s guidebook for your soul.

Cosmic Messengers offers thirteen ‘Universal Secrets’ to unlocking your purpose and becoming your own life guide. You'll learn how to deepen your understanding of soul, your place in the universe and the role of cosmic energy in accelerating your life purpose.

Plus, it includes two special reference guides that give you the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects of energy shifts and how cosmic events affect us.

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In Cosmic Messengers you’ll learn…

  • How to balance head and heart, personality and soul

  • How to remember your purpose and act on it today

  • How to tune into cosmic energy and evolve your soul

Cosmic Messengers reminds you that…

  • You’re a powerful soul with a unique message to express

  • You have lifetimes of talents and skills to tap into and use

  • You work with the universe, as a ‘team’

  • Taking action can be the most spiritual path you can create

How to activate and charge up your copy of Cosmic Messengers…

When you first receive Cosmic Messengers, hold it in your hands before opening, to infuse and charge the book up with your energy. Focus your intention and ask soul, "What do you want me to know?"

Then intuitively open to a page that calls to you. This page will offer a personal message from soul about how Cosmic Messengers will assist you.

"Cosmic Messengers helps you to understand your place in the universe and propels you to start living a life in alignment with soul’s deepest yearnings"