Are you in the midst of some momentous life changes? Are you searching for your meaning and deeper calling? This course will guide you onto your own unique path, opening the door to fulfillment and your spiritual truth.

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“For years I’ve been resisting the call of my heart, to take the plunge and live the life that I want to lead. Well no more, thanks to your brilliant Life Purpose course. I’m more engaged than I have been in years, I’m excited and everything you say resonates with me. The information is top-notch. I know because I get tingles down my spine in every video. For anyone thinking about this it, you’re worth it. I’m so glad I did x”
— Beverley Randis

A portion of the proceeds from this course goes towards supporting causes which uplift humanity and the planet.

Elizabeth recommends FINDING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE for everyone interested in discovering their meaning and the purpose of their life.

For most of us, it is important that we are living up to our full potential, realising our dreams and receiving satisfaction and fulfilment from what we offer to the world. Even though we may not know always consciously know what our purpose is, there is a deep desire within, which tells us if we are on the right track. So are you on track? Are you feeling fulfilled, or is there something more you are searching for? What if all of your answers were already here? All you need is the road map to help you find your way...


Do you have a thirst for spiritual knowledge and a strong desire to improve your life?  Does spirituality intrigue you, yet overwhelm you at the same time? What if you learned that your life has a definite and determined purpose?  Finding this purpose is a process of discovery which begins when you first wake-up to your soulful truth. In this comprehensive series of classes, Elizabeth shares the journey from our first spiritual awakening right through to the challenges and shifts we encounter along the path to discovering our purpose.

In this series of classes, Elizabeth will lead you into uncovering your life purpose and reasons for being :

  • You will learn that your purpose begins to unfold when you have the courage to walk your unique path.
  • You will be given the tools to trust in your intuition and inner knowing about what is right for your life.
  • You will grow in confidence about what your unique life path actually is and you'll learn how to live it.
  • You will learn how and why relationships change and adjust when we are on our soul's path and life purpose.
  • You will discover the spiritual dimensions that soul resides in through meditation and personal experience.
  • Most importantly, you will learn how to stay grounded in your physical life whilst connecting with your source each day.


  • You'll be expanding your awareness and openness to what an unlimited being you are.
  • You'll shift procrastination and self-defeating habits that keep you stuck and off your life's purpose.
  • You'll gain insight and first hand experience into your ideal path and life purpose.
  • You'll develop confidence in your spiritual abilities and learn how to apply them in your everyday life. 
  • You'll learn to trust and act on the messages that soul is giving you.
  • You'll be encouraged and supported to take action on your inner calling.


Video Class 1 - The Awakening

This class opens your awareness into the process of personal awakening.  Awareness is the doorway to a greater perception of the reality you are creating. You will learn the characteristics of awakening, so you can better recognise this pattern when it is occurs for yourself or others.

Video Class 2 - Claiming Your Power

This class will open your awareness to the universe of thought. There is a focus on ideas and thought coming from soul to direct your thinking and creations. You will learn how to focus on the quality of your thoughts to claim, own and use your personal power.

Video Class 3 - The Mirrors

This class discusses the concept of mirrors and the world around you. You'll learn that the physical dimension is a direct reflection of the world within, the spiritual dimension.

Video Class 4 - Meditation

This class will introduce you to a simple 'locating stillness' meditation as you open up your connection with the divine. You will gain a greater understanding of why daily meditation is important. You will learn how meditation makes you more focused, grounded and effective in your physical life.

Video Class 5 - Trust Your Intuition

This class will delve into the source of your intuition. You will learn how to access your tutor within and record your own messages, so that you may put your soul’s voice into action. You will learn that by acting on what you intuit, you start to build up trust of your inner voice, as you prove to yourself what you know when you take action.

Video Class 6 - Your Talents, Skills and Challenges

This class will see you rediscover the soul you came into this life as. You will learn how to access your talents, skills and challenges experienced and practised over lifetimes. You will go back to childhood to re-integrate what you were initially good and brought in with you. You will learn how to use these abilities as an adult today.       

Video Class 7 - Using Your Talents, Skills and Challenges

This class will assist you in developing your life purpose. You will gain personal insight into how you can use your talents, skills and challenges to create a life of deep meaning and fulfilment today. You will start to practically act on using your abilities in your daily life. You will be walking your talk.

Video Class 8 - Drop The Comparisons

This class will explore the role of your personality and how to successfully use your head to work for you, rather than against you. You will learn to become the role model and leader in your life. You will explore why we compare and tend to compete, as well as the importance of not being seduced by spirituality.

Video Class 9 - Patience and Consistency

This class will highlight the importance of walking your talk as you learn that taking action is essential to building patience. There is a strong emphasis on being consistent on your path as a means to further cultivate and thrive from being patient.

Video Class 10 - The Power of Secrecy

This class will teach you the importance of keeping your ideas and dreams to yourself as you give birth to and grow them. This is a practice employed by the ancients. You will learn how it is important to keep your dreams and original ideas quiet, while they are new and forming within you. This class places emphasis on building the ideal conditions, so your dreams can flourish, grow and become manifest.

Video Class 11 - Shifting Relationships

This class will help you understand how to shift your relationships and accept the changes occurring for you along your life path. You will learn skills to help you navigate all of your relationships with your awakened outlook on life.

Video Class 12 - Responsibility and Freedom

This class will teach you that responsibility leads to personal freedom. You will learn new ways of working with responsibility to empower your life.

Video Class 13 - Astral Travel and Dream States

This class will highlight some of the outer body experiences that can occur during the awakening process. You will gain a greater understanding of what these experiences are and why they can occur.

Video Class 14 - Momentum and Resistance

This class will teach you how the forces of momentum and resistance interrelate and propel you forward in all of your manifestations. You will learn how to practically work with momentum and resistance in your daily life.

Total Course Running Time 289 minutes ( each class is approx. 20 minutes in duration )
Includes all Video Classes, Class Study Guides & Notes (PDF’s) - Printable or easy view ' On Screen ' 

Each class takes the viewer through an insightful journey within, providing practical suggestions for finding and living your life purpose. It is suggested to watch the classes in the order in which they are presented and to watch a maximum of one class per day,  practicing assimilation of the class content in-between viewings. Upon completion of the course, it is recommended to view each class again at least once and then repeat your favourite classes as desired. New and deeper insights will arise with each viewing.

To maximise your progress, it is suggested to print the Class Study Guide/NoteS. Record your ideas, insights and action plans as you watch each class for reference purposes. Keeping a written record of your class notes ensures you can track your progress over time, gaining greater awareness of your unfolding wisdom.

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