“ This is my new favouritest thing in the universe by far and is so perfectly aligned with what I need right now and I love what you do. Thanks for sharing and your heart connects with mine as I watched those videos. I didn’t know what to expect, and could not have been more pleasantly surprised by the authenticity I felt from you. I love the language you use also, as it is Personal Development like and yet still spiritually rich and fulfilling. Anyway I finally feel the inspiration to get off my butt and do what I love (more and more each day now too). “
— Nadéne Murray
“I just started your course and so far I am blown away. It is nothing short of a miracle of me finding you and finding this course. At certain points during the first video I was brought to tears, especially when we closed our eyes and focused on the stillness between breathes. I can’t tell you how relieved, assured, and over all happiness I felt. I started laughing hysterically about how relieved I felt. I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for everything. You don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to start the other two portions of this course. Have a fantastic day.”
— Lawrence Christopher
“ Hello Elizabeth, I would just like to say a huge Thankyou. I been doing your video course and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to follow there heart and meet there true self . Words can not describe how this course has turn my life around and the funny thing is my soul, my true self is very simple in what it desires. I am so very happy for following my heart to do this course. So Thankyou Elizabeth you are a true leader in your field of helping others. It was a pleasure working with you and you helping me turn things around. “
— Cheryl Brownlee


“Elizabeth Peru provides insight and guidance for the week ahead in her Tip-Off Forecast. She includes powerful weekly videos that explain the energy we can expect in the coming week and other bonus sources of guidance throughout the week, month and year. She is a gifted, caring person of the highest integrity”
— Cathy Shehorn
I signed up for this tip-off newsletter a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to say that I am really loving it! I read it several times in the week. It helps me to prepare, and when I forget things, and experience things, I go here to re-view and validate. And I love all the extra supplements: videos & meditations...The tip-off newsletter is in detail with current planetary happenings, and with energies coming up...I AM SO GLAD I SIGNED UP FOR THIS!!! Thank you Elizabeth Peru
— Sylvette Frazier

Ssshh I recently signed up, like 24 hrs ago. I’ve written in my diary and have already made daily plans. I’ve also watched my interactions with others - bypassing drama, engaging heart. It feels awesome.

— Suzanne Moran
“ Subscribing to you was one of the smartest choices I made this year! Thank you for being such a wonderful guide on my journey. “
— Kara Fluharty
“ Your reports are spot on accurate for focus, awareness and timing. The difference between making the shift slowly and painfully with struggle, and hopping on the wave and riding to joy. “
— Carey Jung
“ Elizabeth, your tip-off forecast is spot-on for me. I cannot tell you how liberating it feels to recognize the merry-go-round of past hurts and fears and instead of being a passenger, I chose to jump off and leave it behind. You’re helping me become a better person, a better wife and a better mother. I’m following my dreams, every day and learning. Love you. “
— Kim Faulks
Elizabeth! You are a little legend, you! Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine each day. I am addicted to your Tip-Off-Forecast. You have a subscriber for life! Have a delicious day of energy and stuff!

Lots of love all the way from sunny South Africa! xxx
— Renate Albrecht
“ I love the subscription! Well worth every cent. My day always starts reading over the tip off, and its always extremely accurate. “
— Jodie Ellen
“ Please keep up the amazing work with your extraordinary predictions & weekly Tip-off, I love it! “
— Phillip Hall
“ The tip off report is pure gold.Amazingly accurate for a small price. It is my map during all these changes.Thanks Elizabeth Peru. “
— Amy Kehoe
“ Your Tip-off is like an angel holding my hand and walking by my side through daily events – better than any bloke has ever been! I am so grateful that you’ve appeared in my world, Peace, Love and Happiness to you. “
— Angela
“ I was a little hesitant in subscribing at first... but once I did it I found myself laughing at how much of a scrooge I was being there’s a nice feeling that comes with knowing that you’ve contributed to the success of someone that promotes good in the world. “
— Andrew Phelan
“Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to pop over here and thank you for your tip off report. My business coach shared your Spiritual Flu article with me and the rest is history. I’m one of those highly energetic/intuitive people and could feel the powerful energies expressing recently and intuitively understood what was happening, but your context and guidance have been so helpful and supportive! I have referred virtually every client of mine to the tip off (I subscribed of course!) and I check in every day for a bit of additional insight and context for the day ahead. Thank you for the way you offering your blessing to the world.”
— Sonia Miller
“Many thanks for the weekly Tip-off. Only found out about you at the end of January but you have already helped me in my Spiritual growth.”
— Monique Briet
“The tip off forecast is pure gold. Amazingly accurate for a small price. It is my map during all these changes. Thanks Elizabeth Peru!”
— Amy Kehoe
“Elizabeth, your integrity shines forth in everything you do, you whole heartedly deserve your growing following! Your work is genuinely helpful, very ‘real’ and so encouraging, it’s easier to walk the road of awakening with a guide that is kind and wise, calls us when required but with humour... So grounding! Hehe. It’s throughly enjoyable walking with you! Love Ya heaps.”
— Katy Carolan
“Thank you, Elizabeth, i read the tip-off a lot of times a day and very often i say to my boyfriend, so surprised: how did Elizabeth know that? it helps me to build a life of my dreams for myself one day at a time and to follow my heart’s passion. thank you for that. blessings of light to you!”
— Olya Chaynikova
“You are a genuine soul. This video is right on. This is the proof of why you inspire trust and confidence to act on. What you do is what you are. There is no cheating, no convincing, no blabla selling. You have inspired me in such ways..”
— Tess Manuella
“I am so glad I signed up for your tip-off energy report Elizabeth. Thank you! It has been very helpful in navigating the major life decisions I’ve been making recently. I’m taking leaps of faith I only dreamed of making before and I feel like the Universe is supporting me in those decisions.”
— Jennifer Fant
“So authentic - impressive and some wonderful things resonating with me.”
— Gaynor King
“Thank You for helping us in all ways Elizabeth, you are our ROCK.”
— Carine Woder
“Elizabeth has been a true blessing for me and I feel so supported by her, she is so right on and helps me to stay on track. She’s just simply the best...”
— Grace De Anda Edgar