Personal Sessions with Elizabeth. KNOW YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

ALL AVAILABLE PERSONAL JOURNEY BOOKINGS HAVE NOW BEEN FULFILLED, thank you. We'll inform via email when bookings are available again.

For the past thirteen years Elizabeth has offered private healing and soul mentoring sessions to thousands of people worldwide.

From mid-2017, Elizabeth will once again be offering her popular Personal Journey Recordings.

What is a Personal Journey Recording?

  • Each recording is unique, as Elizabeth tunes into your soul via the spiritual dimension. Your recording will be relevant for many years of listening. 
  • Using your name,  Elizabeth speaks directly to you (soul to soul). You'll learn about your life and your purpose in straight forward and simple language that's easy to understand.
  • Your soul will tell Elizabeth what to say to you, therefore much of what you hear will feel familiar, comforting and supportive.
  • Your recording may include information on your life purpose, your unique talents and skills, your challenges, why you're here, what soul desires you to know and your year ahead forecast.
  • Each recording lasts for approx. 40 minutes.
  • Elizabeth records your session remotely (you're not present) and then emails your download link within 30 business days from purchase. Your recording is delivered as a high quality MP3 file.

Please Note: You cannot ask specific questions when ordering. Elizabeth will deliver messages as they come through, for your highest good. The Personal Journey Recording is intended to be used as advice of a general nature and is provided for use at your discretion. The content is not a substitute for independent legal, medical, financial or other advice.