For the past fifteen years Elizabeth has offered private healing and soul mentoring sessions to thousands of people worldwide.

Elizabeth currently conducts a limited number of online ‘Personal Soul Acceleration’ (one-to-one) Sessions. Bookings for these sessions are offered to members of our global Tip-Off Community. As bookings open, they’re filled on a first in basis.

Tip-Off subscribers are kept up to date on The Tip-Off access page of booking dates and the process for a personal session with Elizabeth.

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The Soul Acceleration Session - 35 minutes live online, one-to-one with Elizabeth

Elizabeth will connect and commune with you, soul to soul. Soul will speak, as guided and the information about your life and purpose will be full of insight, practicality and be heart-based. This is a channeled session where soul will be speaking through Elizabeth and relaying the information to you. Through an elegant interchange, Elizabeth will assist you to follow soul’s voice and pass on direct guidance about your soul’s path. Please come with an open heart and ready to communicate. This session is conducted with adults (over 18 years) and is only for the person who has booked the session - no one else is to be on the call, so spirit’s messages can flow freely and unhindered.