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Please understand that we are unable to answer any questions in regards to your position on the waiting list. Our waiting list is long and Elizabeth is doing her best to accommodate everyone in due time.


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For the past thirteen years Elizabeth has offered private healing and soul mentoring sessions to thousands of people worldwide.

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The Personal Journey Recording - 40 minutes

What you will receive from your recording:

  • Each recording is unique, as Elizabeth tunes into your soul via the spiritual dimension. 
  • Using your name,  Elizabeth speaks directly to you (soul to soul). You'll learn about your life and your purpose in straight forward and simple language that's easy to understand.
  • Your soul will tell Elizabeth what to say to you, therefore much of what you hear will feel familiar, comforting and supportive.
  • Your recording may include information on your life purpose, your unique talents and skills, your challenges, why you're here, what soul desires you to know and your year ahead forecast.
  • Each recording lasts for approx. 40 minutes. Your recording will be relevant for many years of listening. 
  • Elizabeth records your session remotely (you're not present) and then emails your download link within 30 business days from purchase. Your recording is delivered as a high quality MP3 file.

The Soul Mentoring Skype Session - 40 minutes

What you will receive from your session:

  • This session is conducted live while you are face to face with Elizabeth online
  • Elizabeth will directly connect with your inner guidance as she helps to bring clarity and guidance to your life with your 'bigger picture'.
  • The aim of this session is for you to come away with a broader outlook on your life situation, feeling clear and empowered with your choices and direction.
  • You can ask questions, however this session is just about you, rather than others in your life. 
  • Elizabeth will conduct a very down to earth and direct soul conversation with you. Elizabeth speaks to you on a soul and personality level using simple yet profound language that encourages an open and honest exchange of energy and words.
  • Messages and guidance are given in such a way that you can start acting on your soul's guidance immediately if you so choose.
  • This session works on a deep level as you connect with your authentic self.
  • Elizabeth will cover whatever is most important for you to hear and act upon as this is revealed live in the session.