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“Elizabeth, I’ve just bought your Soulful Career course and I’m blown away already at Video 1! What you say about your career being the path you are most occupied on, well something just turned on like a switch inside of me. I’m hooked on this course and have so many business ideas flowing already. Thank you for your awe inspiring work. You are helping me so much. “
— Candace Symth

Are you at a crossroads within your career? Is your current occupation fulfilling you spiritually and financially? Do you long to be involved with what you love each day?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then The Soulful Career will open up a universe of practical possibilities for you.

Based on Elizabeth's own transition from a corporate career into running a successful business within the spiritual and personal development industry, this course mentors you with Elizabeth's personal steps and techniques for turning your soul's desires into a career reality.

In this series of twelve video classes, Elizabeth will take you through the steps to transition into and re-ignite a soulful career:

  • Learn the importance of raising your awareness as you look to a career path that fulfils your soul's ideal occupation.
  • Learn what your unique talents, skills and gifts are, as you formulate a practical plan to use them in creating your soulful career.
  • Learn how to  transition careers, as you give yourself permission to manifest a career that perfectly suits you.
  • Learn the importance of cultivating consistency, ethics, integrity and respect along your soulful career path. 
  • Learn that your passion can become your living, as you dispel limitations around finances and long term success.


  • You'll receive the support and encouragement to go ahead in creating a soulful career that is unique to you.
  • You'll be creating a fulfilling life path and purpose, gaining fulfilment and personal satisfaction.
  • You'll identify the areas you excel at, as you learn creative ways to turn your ideas into a successful soulful career.
  • You'll remember and uncover your natural born-with skills and talents, as you formulate a plan to put them to work for you.
  • You'll re-ignite your long held dreams and formulate a plan to turn your loves into your profession.

Total Course Running Time 260 minutes ( each class is approx. 20 minutes in duration )
Includes all Video Classes, Class Study Guides & Notes (PDF’s) - Printable or easy view ' On Screen ' 

A single, one time payment ofAUD299 for 3 MONTHS ACCESS

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