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Published Continuously since 2003

Join with people from all over the world who subscribe to Elizabeth's accurate, 7-DAY ahead cosmic energy forecasts. Connect with soul's loving messages that help you to predict your future and advance your life.

Gain a clearer understanding of yourself and others, as you learn how to work with energy shifts. Be inspired, plan ahead and become an important contributor to the raising of consciousness on our planet.

Elizabeth publishes her forecasts in both a written and spoken format and all subscribers receive both.


Elizabeth is a naturally intuitive Cosmic Guide. Each week she tunes into universal energy, writing and speaking ONE Tip-Off Forecast for the globe. You read each day as your own, no matter what your time zone or where you live.

Elizabeth has been writing The Tip-Off each week since 2003 and over this time has gained a loyal worldwide following. With The Tip-Off, you're receiving energy forecasts that are accurate and spot-on indicators of upcoming energy influences. Elizabeth infuses each forecast with soulful guidance and messages of inspiration, providing daily support and encouragement,

Elizabeth's Tip-Off is not an astrology forecast, but rather a unique and easily understood weekly cosmic energy summary and life guide. By reading and listening to your daily guidance, you'll learn to trust your direction and act with confidence.

You can read and listen to The Tip-Off and all bonus content - on the go and even print it out. Subscribers simply access The Tip-Off on their phone, tablet, desk or lap top.


This week's 7-day in advance written and spoken Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

PLUS, this month's latest bonus content from Elizabeth. Including:

The current month’s Energy Overview video
Last week's written Tip-Off
Elizabeth’s video guidance on personalising your forecasts

Each week's Tip-Off Forecast has a theme and this week it is...

What The Tip-Off Delivers

The Tip-Off is your essential 7-day in advance cosmic guide, giving you the heads up on current universal energies and patterns affecting your life. The Tip-Off gives you a clear and direct window into your future, allowing you to make informed decisions, guiding you daily.

Following The Tip-Off is like having your own spiritual guide right by your side, always giving you the bigger picture view, so that you're ready for your daily opportunities. 

With each 'new' weekly forecast, Elizabeth expertly provides practical daily spiritual guidance, suggested activities and grounded advice on how to use the current cosmic energy to your advantage.

Each day is presented in sections, so it's easy to follow:

- The Global Energy Overview
-  Higher Consciousness Focus
- Forecasted Cosmic Influences

There's also a one-page summary of the entire week - The Tip-Off EXPRESS
and a 'Current Planetary Retrograde Guide'


Listen to Elizabeth speaking about the benefits of The Tip-Off

So, take that next vital step in your soul's evolution today!

Join our global community of change-makers. Become a subscriber to The Tip-Off and always be aware of the current cosmic energy and it's power to shift your life...

“I'm so glad I subscribed! Your Tip Off Forecast is absolutely amazing and inspiring. It is my personal forecast each week & I love love it!! So accurate, your guidance gives me tingles constantly! You're a beautiful soul and I am so grateful" Liana, CANADA

“I love the spoken forecast! With the daily recordings it's easy and fast and I can listen any time - anywhere. Thank you, thank you for making mine and I'm sure other's lives so easy to hear your amazing forecasts” Suzanna, USA

“Elizabeth's work is incredible and she is an inspiration to me. I'm an avid user of The Tip-Off and it's extremely accurate in predicting the energy climate. I always use it when reading clients or friends. It helps with the clear messages from the angels. The Tip-Off is a massive contributor to the shift that we're having globally” Mark, Australia

“The tip-off report is the SMARTEST investment I've made this year. Use it every morning and share everywhere I go!!” Sharon, UK

“Elizabeth....you are always so spot-on about how energy is affecting us. Today I subscribed to your Tip-Off forecast and am so happy I did. I WANTED MORE....and you delivered. Thank you for assisting me in my journey. You are truly a blessing! Namaste ♡” Sandra, USA

“Elizabeth gives the most accurate energy forecast of anyone I've ever seen. Some days when I read The Tip-Off I feel like she was reading my mind! I now consult her forecast before i make any big plans for my life AND my business. I really don't know how I got by before I discovered her work” Nicole, Canada

“I just subscribed ..... Absolutely SPOT ON - I don't know why I never did it sooner” Caroline, USA

“I love how you just capture exactly what is going on right now (always!) and then decipher it so I can best make use of it positively (that interpretation is the difficult bit for me often!)... Awakening is so much easier having this guiding hand” Katy, Australia

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