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Elizabeth’s Tip-Off gives you the globe’s most current daily energy forecasts, that practically explain how 5D consciousness and planetary energy shifts, influence your soul’s path. The Tip-Off increases awareness and encourages your personal evolution, offering daily inspiration, direction and life purpose support.

Each day, you’ll receive an instant overview of the opportunities and challenges coming your way. You’ll be in the best position to bring in answers, clarity, peace and make those decisions that will advance your life.

What is the Tip-Off?

The Tip-Off is a written, 7-DAY in advance energy forecast that Elizabeth also speaks for you in a handy audio player. You’ll know instantly how the cosmos is supporting you in real world situations. Receive key dates of energy shifts, along with Elizabeth’s messages and guidance for making your best moves. Working beyond time zones and countries, it’s one forecast, for our entire globe.

Join thousands worldwide, who since 2003 transform with The Tip-Off


  • You’ll gain instant direction, clarity and answers on today’s life events

  • You’ll upgrade your life to the next level of conscious awareness

  • You’ll receive support and encouragement on your spiritual path

  • You’ll stay up to date with the latest information about The New Earth 5D Energy Template


You’ll learn how cosmic energy influences our daily moods, creativity, life cycles, mental and emotional clarity

  • You’ll accelerate your understanding of planetary patterns impacting your daily choices and decisions


You’ll confirm your own intuitive knowledge, grow in confidence and develop your soul driven life purpose

  • When you consistently listen to the forecasts daily, you’ll see enormous benefits and reap rewards

A Tip-Off Subscription includes:

  • The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the next 7-days, delivered as a written, printable PDF and audio version

  • The current and last week’s written forecasts are always online, so you can chart your life progress

  • Register for guaranteed access to Elizabeth’s January Video Event 2020 The Aquarian Call - A Global Gathering


  • ALL-NEW Bonus Guided Meditation - Diffusing Negative Energy

  • The ALL-NEW November Energy Overview Video

  • The ALL-NEW November Written Cosmic Events Guide

  • 16-page Sealed Section on 2020 & The Unfolding 5D Reality

  • Written 2019 NUMEROLOGY Guide


    It’s one forecast for the entire globe,
    each day relates directly to you, no matter where you live

    Each week’s NEW issue of The Tip-Off is themed to guide you through the current energy upgrades

the planets favourite energy forecast

Take that next vital step in your soul's evolution today!

“I'm so glad I subscribed! Your Tip Off Forecast is absolutely amazing and inspiring. It is my personal forecast each week & I love love it!! So accurate, your guidance gives me tingles constantly! You're a beautiful soul and I am so grateful" Liana, CANADA

“I love the spoken forecast! With the daily recordings it's easy and fast and I can listen any time - anywhere. Thank you, thank you for making mine and I'm sure other's lives so easy to hear your amazing forecasts” Suzanna, USA

“Elizabeth's work is incredible and she is an inspiration to me. I'm an avid user of The Tip-Off and it's extremely accurate in predicting the energy climate. I always use it when reading clients or friends. It helps with the clear messages from the angels. The Tip-Off is a massive contributor to the shift that we're having globally” Mark, Australia

“The tip-off report is the SMARTEST investment I've made this year. Use it every morning!!” Sharon, UK

“Elizabeth....you are always so spot-on about how energy is affecting us. Today I subscribed to your Tip-Off forecast and am so happy I did. I WANTED MORE....and you delivered. Thank you for assisting me in my journey. You are truly a blessing! Namaste ♡” Sandra, USA

“Elizabeth gives the most accurate energy forecast of anyone I've ever seen. Some days when I read The Tip-Off I feel like she was reading my mind! I now consult her forecast before i make any big plans for my life AND my business. I really don't know how I got by before I discovered her work” Nicole, Canada

“I just subscribed ..... Absolutely SPOT ON - I don't know why I never did it sooner” Caroline, USA

“I love how you just capture exactly what is going on right now (always!) and then decipher it so I can best make use of it positively (that interpretation is the difficult bit for me often!)... Awakening is so much easier having this guiding hand” Katy, Australia

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