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As a soul leading a human life, it’s your birthright to experience the abundance of the universe. Developing a deep level of self-knowing re-connects you back to ‘why’ you’re here. As we stand at a pivotal moment in Earth’s evolution with 5D consciousness enveloping the globe, you play a vital role in where we move to next. Elizabeth is here to encourage, support and lead you to this next level of conscious awareness

Working with spirit, as a full-time intuitive since 2003, Elizabeth’s soulful guidance serves as a catalyst in the global awakening of hundreds of thousands of souls to their meaning, purpose and direction


Elizabeth Peru - Australian-based author, cosmic guide, independent publisher and spiritual teacher, whose energy forecasts and consciousness teachings are read by tens of thousands of souls each week, in over 100 countries worldwide Read More

You’re an energy being, part of the greater cosmic consciousness that creates and nurtures all life. Day to day your decisions, thoughts, emotions and feelings are being influenced by planetary alignments and cosmic energy. Just think of how you feel at a full moon and you’ll understand. This is where The Tip-Off comes in, as your daily life guide. Imagine knowing (in advance) how today and tomorrow will unfold for you (and those around you) emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. This is what the Tip-Off delivers.


The Tip-Off is written 7-days in advance, for everyone, everywhere. Be ready for upcoming planetary influences that give you a desirable window into the future, when making life’s important decisions. Each week, Elizabeth’s ‘Tip-Off Forecast’ practically and simply shows you how to align with the current cosmic energy, so that you’ll easily tap into your own intuition, messages, answers and guidance. You’ll know what positives and negatives are coming up, so that you can plan your day (and week) ahead in your ultimate power.

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Elizabeth breaks down often complex, spiritual topics and delivers them with profound clarity. Experience a personal approach to learning that is designed to stimulate deep self-inquiry. Elizabeth shows you how to turn your biggest dreams into reality, while giving you practical tools to turn your challenges into your gold