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Elizabeth is a world-renowned Soul Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Cosmic Guide.

Since 2003, she has worked with thousands of spiritual seekers all over the globe, inspiring and empowering individuals and groups to live on purpose, utilising their full potential. Elizabeth is also author of the globe's favourite weekly energy forecast,

The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. Elizabeth's forecasts give an easily understandable 7-day in advance life and cosmic guide, whilst developing consciousness. Our global community are shifting paradigms and sparking responsible intelligence.

Elizabeth's work accelerates your life onto purpose. You're supported, pushed, encouraged.
Are you ready to know why you're here, who you are and what your purpose is?
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“Elizabeth offers people an opportunity to explore their life and themselves. She guides and encourages humanity to live to their highest good and fullest potential”
— Kristin Heneghan

Elizabeth Peru

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“I’ve been following Elizabeth Peru’s work for a few years and it continues to surprise me with how spot on her insights are. About 15 months ago I joined the Tip Off and it’s now part of my morning ritual to set up my day. I use the energy to my advantage - having the 7 days in advance makes this easier”
— Tracey Anne Hunt
“There a not many people I recommend however I cannot recommend Elizabeth more highly. A truly wonderful person with an extraordinary gift and brilliant knowledge. Do yourself a favour don’t just follow her on Facebook- sign up for her Tip-Off guide always SPOT ON!”
— Julianne Wilson

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“I subscribed to The Tip Off over 3 years ago & reading it is part of my daily practice her guidance & insights have been so helpful in my life & a wonderful way to start my day”
— Alice Nix
“Amazing work Elizabeth Peru, Thankyou for continuing to inspire me everyday with spot on forecasts!!! Keep sharing your light with the world!!”
— Effie Jordie