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Drop the struggle and lead with your heart's desires as you learn to successfully follow your soul's path. Recommended as an essential course in balancing the head and the heart.

This is THE COURSE that Elizabeth recommends for everyone interested in head and heart communication.

Understanding our needs vs. our wants is much easier when we understand how the heart communicates with the head. In this course Elizabeth teaches her own researched techniques of manifesting the heart's desires, what Elizabeth calls our 'soul'.  For as you will learn, true success comes when we not only listen to our heart, but when we follow through with daily actions. You will be amazed at how easy it is to manifest your desires, when the head, what Elizabeth calls 'the personality', talks with the heart...


Video Class 1   -  
Your Heart’s Desires

Video Class 2   -  
The Universe Delivers

Video Class 3   -  
Acting On Your Desires

Total Course Running Time 63 minutes
Includes all Video Classes within this Course, Class Study Guides & Notes (PDF’s) - Printable or easy view ' On Screen ' 

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Are you striving for success and unsure what it truly means for you? Perhaps you are looking for authenticity to go along with your success? What if you could develop a whole new way of relating to success, that was soulful and able to produce real results and satisfying benefits to your life? When we learn that true success comes from following the heart's desires, we can open up to a whole new way of achieving our goals and satisfying our needs all at once.

In this series of classes, Elizabeth will enlighten you as to what success is, from the perspective of the soul:

  • You will learn that your soul's desires need to be met in order to successfully lead your life's purpose.
  • You will learn how to identify your soul's desires as you work hand in hand with the universe in delivering them to you.
  • This process of successfully identifying and then manifesting your soul's desires will be outlined in a simple, three-step process over each class.
  • You will learn that it is your head and personality’s role to take the action steps necessary to manifest the direction of your heart and soul.
  • You will learn how to acknowledge and then act on the signs, messages and guidance the universe delivers to you ultimately leading to your success.


  • Identifying what your soul needs for your success and creating an action plan to achieve it.
  • Learning to trust your heart with your head, to fulfil your unique needs on your life path.
  • Becoming an intuitive translator of the signs, cues and messages that the universe brings you.
  • Teaching you to act in the appropriate order, so that you are not controlling, but flowing on your life path.


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